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ABBA - The Ultimate Demo & Rarities Collection


£300 post free and insured anywhere in the world (6 audio CD's with original boxes and artwork).

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This is a very impressive and thorough collection of their demos and rarities over ABBA's long musical career.
When I bought it, I was told that many of the demos had come directly from the Polar tapes and a lot of the demos reflect this.
The quality does vary somewhat through the volumes but most of the tracks are excellent quality, even studio quality and nothing approaches unlistenable.

What is of particular interest is the excellent quality of the demos from the Visitors sessions, like Opus 10 or 'NationalsŚng',Two For The Price Of One, When All Is Said And Done, When The Waves Roll Out To Sea & Slipping Through My Fingers. These, like many of the other demos on the CD's, are superb quality in glorious stereo and so much better than I have ever
been able to find before or since. You can even hear the multi-track master tapes being lined up before the demo mix begins on one of them.

The demo of Slipping through my fingers with Agnetha's early vocal demo take is excellent and the opportunity to be able to then listen to her demo vocal track entirely on its own is quite simply extraordinary! The early and quite rough mix of Dancing Queen which includes the unreleased verse as a complete mix is also very special. 

Two of the CD's have a sticker on them with the name, address and telephone number of Anders Eljas who has worked with ABBA members throughout their careers as pianist then notator, arranger and conductor.

Volume 1:
1. Åh, Vilka Tider (Lead vocal Björn & Benny Agnetha & Frida Backing Vocals) 2:31
2. And the Wind Cries Mary (Demo from Voulez Vous sessions 25 June 1979) 2:39
3. Baby (Early Demo of Rock Me Oct 18th 1974) 1:174. Beatrice (B&B both play on this recording. Sung by Kalle) 3:34
5. Burning My Bridges (Demo 3rd June 1980) 1:31
6. Can't buy me love (FRIDA - Live on TV '81) 0:50
7. Chiquitita (Spanish with extra verse) 5:28
8. Christmas Greeting 0:11
9. Crying Over You (Demo September 16th 1978 during the Voulez Vous Sessions) 1:20
10.Dancing Queen (Accapella - Frida Lead Vocal) 3:37
11.Dancing Queen (Complete Early Rough Demo includes unreleased verse) 3:47
12.Disillusion - Agnetha Fältskog (Written by Agnetha/Björn. Recorded 14 March 1973) 3:05
13.Does Your Mother Know switzerland TV Special 1979 - backing track different) 3:50
14.Don't Fence Me In (Live on the the Dick Cavett Television show) 0:28
15 Dream World (Demo Monitor Mix for Verse Overdubs)
16.Dream World (Full Length Demo from the Voulez Vous Sessions. 27th September 1978) 3:40
17.Every Good Man (Actually a Demo for Chess with Agnetha lead vocal. Recorded January 1983) 2:04
18.Fedora - Michael B. Tretow (Used for a famous UK 80’s Kio-ra drink Commercial) 3:11
19.Fernando (Demo Aug 5th 1975) 1:17
20.Fire And Ice - FRIDA (Live Television Show) 3:01
21.Free As A bumble Bee (Demo May 29th 1978) 3:06
22.Funky Feet (Written for Arrival LP but never used - performed by Svenne & Lotta) 3:15
23.Gammal fabodspsalm (Traditional Swedish psalm performed Live by Benny on his famous Yamaha GX-1 during the ABBA European & N.American Tour) 1:39
24.Get On The Carousel (Live - Munich 1977) 7:58
25.Get On The Carousel (Live - Perth 1977) 2:48
26.Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) - Live 1981 - Instruments and Backing Vocals ONLY Mix 3:11
27.Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) - Live 1981 - Lead Vocals ONLY 2:14
28.Givin A little bit More (Demo May 25th 1981) 2:01

Volume 2:

1. Glom mig om du kan (When The Waves Roll Out To Sea) Chess 2002 in Sweden 3:31
2. Golliwog - Agnetha Fältskog (1974 - Written by Agnetha & Bosse Carlgren) 2:47
3. Gonna sing you my lovesong (Live - Copenhagen 1975) 3:55
4. Gulli-gullan (FRIDA on Swedish 1980 Radioshow `Jockemock`s jokke`. Competition to identify the voices of different artists) 0:17
5. Hamlet III - Part 1 (Demo recorded 13th March 1978 - later to become Lottis Schottis also known as 'Dr. Claus von Hamlet') 1:10
6. Hamlet III - Part 2 (Demo recorded 31st August 1978 -later to become Lottis Schottis also known as 'Dr. Claus von Hamlet') 1:11
7. Happy New Year (Benny - Live Jacob's Stage) 1:28
8. He is your brother (Live Copenhagen 1975) 4:10
9. Hello to Japanese Fans 0:24
10.Here Comes Rubie Jamie (Demo Sept 16 1974 - Benny lead vox) 1:13
11.Hey Gamle Man (B&B - from the Lycka album with all four future ABBA members) 3:21
12.Honey Honey (Swedish) 2:57
13.Hovas vittne (Written by Benny,Björn,Agnetha,Frida, Rune Söderqvist & Michael B. Tretow - Recording began 18th January 1981 2:58
14.Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot - Michael B Tretow (Caramba) Later used as the famous Kelloggs UK 1980's Commercial) 3:20
15.Hysterio - Michael B. Tretow 5:55
16.I Am An 'A' (Live - Perth, August 1977) 5:05
17.I Am The City (Demo recorded 5th May 1982) 4:03
18.I Am The City (Original Maxi Promo Single Germany- Unofficial Remix) 6:12
19.I Am The City (Podmix - Unofficial Remix) 7:46
20.I can see what you mean (Michael B. Tretow featuring all of ABBA - 1976) 3:07
21.I have a dream (live in Japan) - With Japanese children choir 6:29
22.I Know Him So Well (Elaine 1st Demo) 4:06

Volume 3:

1. I Won't Let You Go - Agnetha Fältskog (Extended) 6:00
2. If It Wasnt For The Nights (Japanese TV performance - Backing Track is different) 3:37
3. I'm Still Alive (Written and performed Live by Agnetha during the ‘79 worldtour-Sweden 1979) 3:39
4. In the Arms Of Rosalita (Early demo of Chiquitita, 1978. With Bjorn Interview) 1:30
5. Intermezzo No. 1 (Live - Sweden 1979) 4:54
6. Intermezzo No.1 (LIVE - Copenhagen 1975) 3:32
7. It's So Nice To Be Rich - Agnetha Fältskog (Original Maxi Version) 6:26
8. I've Been Waiting For You (LIVE - Perth 1977) 4:01
9. Ja ma hon leva (sang till gudrun) - Happy 50th Birthday to Gudrun Anderson,wife of Stig Anderson 1:03
10.Just a notion (Demo from Voulez Vous sessions 18th August 1978)
11.Just Like That (Early Bass Gtr Mix - Full Song) 4:47
12.Just Like That (Extended Demo No Verses -Sax) 3:38
13.Just Like That (Full Demo Vitilized Mix - No Sax) 5:03
14.Just Like That (Na Na Na - La La La Version) 4:44
15.Just Like That (Sax Version No Verses - May 3rd 1982) 2:03
16.Just Like That (Vitalized Mix) 5:03
17.Knowing Me Knowing You (Live) 4:34
18.Lay all your love on me (White label - 11min mix) 11:40

Volume 4:
1. Lottis schottis (Originally an abba demo called Hamlet III from 1978, Benny performing the song live on accordian) 1:47
2. Love has Its Ways (Benny & Bjorn - only ever released in Japan 1972) 2:39
3. Lovers (Live a little longer) Part of BV’s from Agnetha & Frida 0:22
4. Mamma Mia (Instrumental demo. Recording began 12th March 1975) 2:45
5. Medley (Pick A Bail Of cotten-On Top Of Old Smokey-Midnight Special) 4:21
6. Merry-Go-Round 3:20
7. Money,Money,Money (Live) 3:19
8. Monsieur Monsieur (Early Demo of My Love My Life, Recording began July 1976- Swedish Radio & Agnetha Interview) 2:04
9. Olivier Newton John TV Special - Accoustic Session 2:07
10. On and On and On (Full Length Extra Verse)
11. One Night in Bangkok (Bjorn Skiffs Chess Demo)
12. One Night In Bankok (An recording of the actual studio vocal session with Murray Head, Benny & Bjorn) 2:35
13. Opus 10 (Really called ‘Nationalsång’, an Instrumental demo recorded during The Visitors sessions - 16th March 1981) 3:28
14. P&B - Agnetha Fältskog (Title Track to the Swedish movie P & B - 1983) 3:46
15. Paper Dolls - (Michael B. Tretow featuring all four members of ABBA taken from Let’s Boogie 1976 - Agnetha on Piano) 3:24
16. Paternal Supervisor (Early Chess Demo - Bjorn Vocal)
17. Put On Your White Sombrero (Recorded during the Super Trouper Sessions - 9th September 1980) 4:27
18. Ricky Rock n' Roller (Demo - Glen studio- 15th September 1974) 2:16
19. Ring Ring (Swedish & Spanish & German) 4:22
20. Ring Ring (1974 Remix, Single Version) 3:10
21. Rubber Ball Man (Demo recorded between August 8th - 30th 1979) 2:31
22. Så Glad Som Dina Ögon - Agnetha Fältskog (As Happy As Your Eyes) Written by Agnetha & Kenneth Gärdestad. Released 1972. 2:58
23. Sa Har Borjar Karlek - Agnetha & Bjorn Ulvaeus (1970) 2:34
24. Santa Rosa (Recording began 21st March 1972 at Metronome Studio) 3:01
25. Scaramouche (Instrumental Demo June 1977) 1:06
26. Shot down in action (FRIDA - Unreleased demo from Something's Going On 1982) 1:49
27.SOS (Live) 3:10

Volume 5:
1. Slipping through my fingers (Demo With Agnetha Demo Vocal) 3:54
2. Slipping through my fingers (Agnetha Demo Vocal ONLY) 3:51
3. Slipping through my fingers (Instrumental Demo) 3:54
4. Slipping Through My Fingers (Benny playing on Piano) 1:25
5. Sumernight City (Demo October 1978) 0:28
6. Summer Night City (Live in Wembly, London 1979) 5:35
7. Summer Night City (Full Length Mix) 4:23
8. Super Trouper (Backing Vocals and Instruments Only - Live 1981) 4:19
9. Super Trouper (Lead Vocals Only Live 1981) 4:18
10.Take A Chance On Me (Demo - Instrumental known as ‘Billy Boy’ August 3rd 1977) 2:15
11.Tänk Om Jorden Vore Ung (Lycka Album 1971) 3:49
12.Thank You For The Music - (Doris Day Demo Version) 4:03
13.Thank you for the Music (Benny playing on Piano) 1:19
14.That's me (Live - Australia 1977) 3:21
15.The Girl With The Golden Hair (Live - Sweden 1979) 4:17
16.The Name Of The Game (Demo. Recording began 31st May, 1977 at Marcus Music,Stockholm. Additional recording at Bohus Studio, Kungälv) 4:36
17.The Name Of The Game (Full Length Vesion Version) 4:47
18.The Winner Takes It All (Benny - performing live on piano - Jacob's Stage) 0:24
19.The Winner Takes It All (Demo No lead Vocals) 4:50
20.Tiger (Live - Perth 1977) 3:11
21.Tivedshambo (Swedish TV tribute to ABBA manager Stig Anderson - January 16, 1986.ABBA's last public appearance. Benny on accordion, Bjorn on guitar and all four ABBA members singing lead. 2:15

22.Two For The Price Of One - Live 1981 - Bjorn Lead and girls Backing Vocals Only 2:42
23.Two For The Price Of One (Agnetha & Frida Chrs Backing Vocals) 0:36
24.Two For The Price Of One (Demo recorded Feb 1981- Bjorn vox) 3:47

Volume 6:

1. Under My Sun (Never recorded in the studio, this is the entire recording of ABBA performing it live in rehearsal for 1979 Concert Tour 10 August 1979) 4:45
2. Utan Dej - Agnetha Fältskog (Demo 1968) 2:42
3. Voulez-Vous (Extended Remix 1979 US Promo - Backing track recorded 1st February 1979 at Criteria Studios, Miami, Florida, USA. Remixed 20 March 1979 at Polar Music Studios) 6.09
4. Watch out, I do I do I do (Live Eskilstuna 1975) 6:45
5. Waterloo (Euovision Performance ABBA LIVE - Brighton 1974) 3:01
6. Waterloo (French & Swedish) 2:40
7. When All Is Said And Done (Early Demo Instrumental - 16th March 1981) 4:55
8. When I Kissed The Teacher (Live Perth 1977) 3:12
9.When The Waves Roll Out To Sea (Demo Instrumental) 3:23
10.When The Waves Roll Out To Sea (Elaine Paige Chess Demo) 3:34
11.Why Did It Have To Be Me (LIVE - Isstadion Stockholm - 1977) 4:15
12.You Owe Me One (Backing Vocals Only - Arrangements 1 & 2) 1:32

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