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Due to retirement I am slowly selling my stock of 100,000 classical records on eBay with the kind co-operation of a number of sellers of high reputation.

Thousands of

  • SXL wide band, SAX blue/silver, ASD white/gold
  • violinists - Martzy, de Vito, Haendel, Bobesco, Elman, Rostal etc.
  • pianists - Argerich, Meyer, Tagliaferro, Cortot, Thyssens-Valentin etc.
  • unusual repertoire, Melodiya, Hungaroton and East European especially 

ABBA - The Ultimate Demo & Rarities Collection

Six CDs (from collection of Anders Eljas). ONE OF THE BEST UNRELEASED ABBA COLLECTIONS EVER. Ł300 post free and insured anywhere in the world. Alternatively the entire content can be purchased to order on CDR's, DVD's or digital download in any audio format for Ł50 plus insured post and packing or bandwidth charge. Please e-mail me.

Current eBay listings are here

Items which have had one or more unsuccessful listings on eBay are LISTED BELOW for a FLAT PRICE OF Ł3.50 per LP (unless stated otherwise). Unless otherwise advised, the LP's and sleeve/boxes are in decent, marketable condition. They are still available even if the eBay listing is now removed. If you are interested in any items from this unsold list, please e-mail me including your name and address. If any items do currently have an active listing on eBay, feel free to bid on or buy them now to ensure you get them.

Please use this button to pay if you have an agreed order with me




18th CENTURY OVERTURES cond.Leppard: PERGOLESI L'Olimpiade/ HANDEL/ GRÉTRY Jugement de Midas/ D.SCARLATTI/ RAMEAU Pygmalion/ BONONCINI Polifemo/ SACCHINI Oedipe ŕ Colone/ MÉHUL: Chasse du Jeune Henri PHILIPS SAL3674

  D'AUVERGNE Les Troqueurs  Herbillon/ Garner cond.Petit DECCA SDD FFRR Grooved

ABRAHAM Die Blume von Hawaii; Viktoria und ihr Husar/ZELLER Der Vogelhändler/ RAYMOND Maske in Blau (all h/l)  GERMAN POLYDOR thick mono superb sound

Accardo, Salvatore: TARTINI: A, D96; in Bb, D117; in G, D78 w./I MUSICI  PHILIPS 6500 784 UK, sleeve cut out hole
Accardo, Salvatore: VIVALDI: Vln.Concs. in F, RV286 (Per la Solennita du San Lorenzo); in e, RV277 (Il favorito); in d, RV243 (Senza Cantin); in E, RV270 (Il Riposo) w./I Solisti delle Settimane Musicali Internazionali di Napoli EMI CFP 4536 UK original issue



AKHINIAN Sym.2 (1,2); Priznaniye- song cycle (3,4,5); Trombone Conc. (1,5,6)  Armenian RTSO (1) cond.Mangasarian(2) Nshanian(3) Chamber Ens.(4) cond.Vartanian(5) Papikian(6) RARE Melodiya stereo


D'ALBERT Tiefland  Schöffler/ Czerwenka/ Waechter/ Brouwenstijn cond.Moralt  PHILIPS 2 LP's

  D'ALBERT Tiefland  Schock/ Strauss / Fischer &c. cond.ZANOTELLI  Eurodisc 3 LP's Original Film Soundtrack recording
  ALKAN Grande Sonate (Les quatre ages) Op.33  Ronald SMITH EMI HQS  maroon dog/stamp
Ančerl, Karel: BRAHMS Sym.1 in c, Op.68 w./Czech PO  SUA ST 50430  red label (front of sleeve print-removed)

Ančerl, Karel: PROKOFIEV Alexander Nevsky  Soukupová/Czech PO SUPRAPHON

Ančerl, Karel: PROKOFIEV Romeo & Juliet (h/l) w./Czech PO  EMI MFP stereo flapback jacket
Ančerl, Karel: SMETANA Má Vlast (complete) w./Czech PO  SUAST 50521/2 (2 LP's) blue labels

Amadeus Qt: SCHUBERT Death & the Maiden + German tulip stereo


ANDERSSON, Benny & Ulvaeus  ABBA songs covered by MIRROR IMAGE RARE US/Canada ONLY ISSUE

  ANDERSSON, Benny  BAO! (with Helen Sjöholm) CD
  ANDERSSON, Benny  Benny Anderssons Orkester (with Helen Sjöholm) CD

ANDERSSON, Benny & Ulvaeus/ Rice  CHESS: A Musical (Original UK Cast recording)  Korberg/ Paige/ Dickson 2 LP's

  ANDERSSON,Benny  Den gamle Biografen  Lill LINDFORS  POLYDOR single RARE

ANDERSSON, Benny & Ulvaeus  Fröken Blĺklint (Swedish version of "Flower in my Garden") pre-ABBA song ARNE LAMBERTH (trumpet) 7" POLAR single RARE

  ANDERSSON, Benny & Ulvaeus  Heaven and Hell (edit)*; Leave it to Love; Heaven and Hell (album version) Josefin Nilsson
* not available on any other issue than this CD
ANDERSSON, Benny  Säj det med en sĺng (Lena Andersson); 5. Jag är blott en Man (Jarl Kulle) and compositions by other Polar artists with Ted Gärdestad, Arne Lamberth, Hootenanny Singers, Anni-Frid Lyngstad &c. (from very rare Polar singles) POLAR POLL 120 stereo

ANERIO Missa pro defunctis  dir.MALCOLM L'OISEAU-LYRE


Angeles, Victoria de los: CANTELOUBE: 9 Chants d'Auvergne / CHAUSSON: Počme de l'amour et de la mer  Lamoureux O.cond.Jacquillat EMI ASD

  Angeles, Victoria de los: CANTELOUBE More Songs of Auvergne EMI QUAD

Angeles, Victoria de los: Fabulous: A.SCARLATTI/ HANDEL/ SCHUBERT/ BRAHMS/ GRANADOS &c. HMV ASD 413 AUDIOPHILE later label

Angeles, Victoria de los: Favourite arias: Carmen/ Cavalleria Rusticana/ Madama Butterfly/ Tales of Hoffmann/ Barber of Seville &c.  ASD 2274 in stamp, no outer rim


  ARNE Organ Cons. 4 - 6  Guillou cond.Klopfenstein  PHILIPS original
  Arrau, Claudio: LISZT Pno.Son.; Bénédiction de Dieu dans la solitude No.3; Waldesrauschen; Gnomenreigen  PHILIPS

Arrau, Claudio: SCHUBERT Pno.Son.21 in B flat D960 PHILIPS

Arrival (Canada): Covers of ABBA songs (officially sanctioned by ABBA, including completed version of the unreleased "Just a Notion") Hard to find. CD

AUBER Manon Lescaut  Mesplé/ Orliac cond.Marty FR EMI 3 LP's

Auclair, Michčle: MENDELSSOHN e Op.64/ TCHAIKOVSKY d Op.35 cond.WAGNER  PHILIPS UK GL 5815 (G 03216 L) mono
Auclair, Michčle: TCHAIKOVSKY d Op.35  cond.Wagner (+ Pno.Conc.1 w./Klein cond.Jordans)  SFL 14059 stereo
AUDIOPHILE: 6.42342 AH (German thick blue): AUBER Overtures: Le Domino noir; La Muette de Portici; The Bronze Horse; Fra Diavolo; The Crown Diamonds  cond.WOLFF
AUDIOPHILE: 6582 015 UK Silver: RESPIGHI Pines of Rome; Fountains of Rome  Minneapolis SO cond.DORATI ex SR 90298
Price Ł5
AUDIOPHILE: ASD 258 Dog in semicircle: GRIEG Music from Peer Gynt cond.BEECHAM
AUDIOPHILE: ASD 272 no outer rim: GRIEG Pno.Conc. in a,Op.16/ SCHUMANN Pno.Conc. in a,Op.54  SOLOMON/Philh.0 cond.MENGES
AUDIOPHILE: ASD 334 Dog in semi-circle: MENDELSSOHN Vln.Conc. in e (1)/ BRUCH Vln.Conc.1 in g (2)  MEHUHIN cond. KURTZ(1)/ SUSSKIND(2)
  AUDIOPHILE: ASD 548 no outer rim: ELGAR Enigma Vars.; Cockaigne Ov. cond.BARBIROLLI
  AUDIOPHILE: ASD 2259 B/W dog/stamp: ELGAR b  MENUHIN cond.BOULT
AUDIOPHILE: ASD 2356 B/W dog/stamp: ELGAR Wand of Youth Suites Nos. 1 & 2; Chanson de nuit Op 15:1; Chanson de matin Op.15:2; 3 Bavarian Dances Op.27 cond.BOULT
AUDIOPHILE: ASD 2356 B/W dog/stamp: ELGAR Wand of Youth Suites Nos. 1 & 2; Chanson de nuit Op 15:1; Chanson de matin Op.15:2; 3 Bavarian Dances Op.27 cond.BOULT
AUDIOPHILE: ASD 2442 B/W dog/stamp: DEBUSSY La Mer; Trois Nocturnes  ORTF cond.BARBIROLLI
  AUDIOPHILE: ASD 2546 B/W dog/stamp: MENDELSSOHN Pno.Concs.1 in g Op.25; 2 in d Op.40; Rondo brillante Op.29  Ogdon/ LSO cond.CECCATO
AUDIOPHILE: ASD 2550 B/W dog/stamp: BEETHOVEN Pno.Conc.4 in G, Op.58  Barenboim/NPO cond.KLEMPERER
AUDIOPHILE: ASD 2562 B/W dog/stamp: BEETHOVEN Sym.3 in Eb (Eroica); Overture:Fidelio  cond.KLEMPERER
AUDIOPHILE: ASD 2565 B/W dog/stamp: BEETHOVEN Sym.6 in F (Pastoral); Overture:Leonora 1  cond.KLEMPERER

AUDIOPHILE: ASD 2722: MAHLER Sym.1 w./Chicago SO cond.GIULINI
Christopher Bishop recording, price Ł4.50

AUDIOPHILE: ASD 2788 B/W dog/stamp: MOZART Requiem K626  Armstrong/ Baker/ Gedda/ Fischer-Dieskau cond.BARENBOIM text missing
  AUDIOPHILE: ASD 2822 B/W dog/stamp: ELGAR Overtures: Froissart Op.19; Cockaigne Op.40; In the South (Alassio) Op.50; HANDEL/ELGAR: Overture in D minor  cond.BOULT
  AUDIOPHILE: ASD 2830 B/W dog/stamp: STRAUSS R. Metamorphosen/ ELGAR Serenade for stgs./ ARENSKY Vars.on a theme by Tchaikovsky  cond.BARBIROLLI
  AUDIOPHILE: ASD 2835 B/W dog/stamp: POULENC Organ Conc.; Gloria  Duruflé &c. cond.Prętre SUPERIOR SOUND TO SAX!
AUDIOPHILE: ASD 2856 B/W dog/stamp: SCHUBERT Sym.9 in C (Great) cond.BOULT
Bishop/Parker recording
  AUDIOPHILE: ASD 2863 B/W dog/stamp: DVOŘÁK Sym.9/ SMETANA Vltava (Má vlast) cond.KARAJAN ex SAX
AUDIOPHILE: ASD 2876 B/W dog/stamp: BACH Cantatas Nos.202 "Weichet nur, betrübte Schatten"; 209 "Non sa che sia dolore" w./Ameling, cond.MARRINER
Bishop/Parker recording, price Ł4.50
AUDIOPHILE: ASD 3184 B/W dog/stamp QUAD: MENDELSSOHN Sym.3 in a Op.56 (Scottish); Ov.: Calm Sea & Prosperous Voyage Op.27 w./New PO cond.Muti
AUDIOPHILE: ASD 3407 B/W dog/stamp QUAD: DVOŘÁK Sym.9/ SMETANA Vltava (Má vlast) w./BPO cond.KARAJAN (new recording)
AUDIOPHILE: ASD 3455 B/W dog/stamp: CHAUSSON Počme de l'amour et de la mer/ DUPARC Phidylé; La vie antérieure; L'invitation au voyage &c. w./Baker, J. cond.PREVIN
Bishop/Parker recording, price Ł5.00
AUDIOPHILE: ASD 3455 QUAD Late large dog UK: CHAUSSON Počme de l'amour et de la mer/ DUPARC Phidylé; La vie antérieure; L'invitation au voyage &c. w./Baker, J. cond.PREVIN
Bishop/Parker recording, price Ł4.00
AUDIOPHILE: ASD 3567 B/W dog/stamp: TCHAIKOVSKY Ov.:Romeo & Juliet; Francesca da Rimini cond.ROSTROPOVICH
Price Ł4.50
AUDIOPHILE: ASD 3725 B/W dog/stamp: PARRY Sym.5 in b; Symphonic Vars.; Elegy for Brahms cond.BOULT
Last Bishop/Parker recording for EMI
  AUDIOPHILE: BSD 752 W/G: RESPIGHI Boutique Fantasque  cond.GOOSSENS  no ASD
  AUDIOPHILE: CFP 107 B/W: BRUCH Vln.Conc.1/ LALO Sym.espagnole  FERRAS cond.Susskind
AUDIOPHILE: CFP 40353 UK: VIVALDI Conc. in b for 4 vlns. Op 3:10; g, Op 10 (La Notte); Mandoline Conc. in C; Conc.for 2 trumpets in C, Op.46:1; Conc. for 2 mandolins in G; Recorder Conc. in C, Op 44:11  Tolouse CO cond.Auriacombe
  AUDIOPHILE: CS 6367 FFRR JT: RAVEL Boléro; La Valse / DUKAS Sorcerer's Apprentice/ HONEGGER: Pacific 231 cond.ANSERMET
  AUDIOPHILE: CSD 1399 Green dog/white outer rim: SULLIVAN Pineapple Poll cond.MACKERRAS
AUDIOPHILE: CSD 3752 Green dog/white outer rim: Anthems from King's: PARRY/ STANFORD/ BAIRSTOW/ BULLOCK/ BALFOUR GARDINER &c. cond.WILLCOCKS  some ticks, mostly in one track  BISHOP/ PARKER recording
  AUDIOPHILE: D6D7 (7 LP's): DVOŘÁK Syms. 1- 9 (complete) LSO cond.KERTESZ
  AUDIOPHILE: D7D4 (4 LP's) SIBELIUS Syms.1 - 7 cond.MAAZEL DECCA presentation box (booklet missing)
  AUDIOPHILE: ECS 586: WALTON Façade Suites/ LECOCQ arr.JACOB: Suite from Mam'zelle Angot  cond.FISTOULARI
  AUDIOPHILE: ECS 677 JT: ADAM arr. Büsser Giselle cond.WOLFF  from rare SB 2018
  AUDIOPHILE: ECS 677: ADAM arr. Büsser Giselle cond.WOLFF  from rare SB 2018
AUDIOPHILE: ECS 695: AUBER Overtures: Le Domino noir; La Muette de Portici; The Bronze Horse; Fra Diavolo; The Crown Diamonds  cond.WOLFF
Price Ł5
  AUDIOPHILE: ECS 805: FAURÉ Pelleas et Melisande; Prélude: Penelope; Masques et bergamasques; Impromptu for harp cond.ANSERMET (w./ Pavane Op.50 cond.AGOULT)
AUDIOPHILE: EMX 41 2094-1: STRAVINSKY The Firebird (1910) Paris cond.OZAWA
AUDIOPHILE: ESD 7013: ELGAR In the South (Alassio)/ VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Fantasia on a theme of Tallis; The Wasps Overture cond.SILVESTRI
  AUDIOPHILE: ESD 7028: SULLIVAN Pineapple Poll cond.Mackerrras
AUDIOPHILE: ESD 7052: Music of J.STRAUSS I/ J.STRAUSS II/ Eduard STRAUSS including Artist's Life; Radetzky March; Champagne Polka; Neue Pizzicato Polka; Eljena Magyar; Wo die Zitronen blüh'n; Im Krapfenwald'l cond.BOSKOVSKY
AUDIOPHILE: ESD 7156: Scandinavian Pops: HALVORSEN Entry of the Boyars/ JÄRNEFELT Praeludium/ WIRÉN Serenade for strings/ NIELSEN Little Suite for Strings/ BULL/ ALFVÉN / LUMBYE/ LARSSON/ GRIEG cond.Berglund/Montgomery &c.
AUDIOPHILE: GL 11328 UK: TCHAIKOVSKY Sym.4 Op.36  Boston SO cond.MONTEUX ex LSC 2369
AUDIOPHILE: GOSD 674/6: Festival of French Opera: Sutherland/ Crespin/ Horne/ Baker/ Lorengar/ Arroyo/ Resnik/ di Stefano, Krause &c. 3 LP's
  AUDIOPHILE: JB 47 UK: Overtures of Old Vienna; STRAUSS J.II Die Fledermaus; Printz Methusalem/ NICOLAI Merry Wives of Windsor/ REZNICEK Donna Diana/ HEUBERGER: Der Opernball  cond.BOSKOVSKY
AUDIOPHILE: JB 101 UK: STRAUSS R. Ein Heldenleben  LAPO cond.MEHTA
  AUDIOPHILE: LSP 4255 USA: Belafonte, Harry: Homeward Bound  Thick press
AUDIOPHILE: MFP 2134 UK stereo Paul Hamlyn pressing: HOLST The Planets  LAPO cond.STOKOWSKI (from Cap.SP 8389)
AUDIOPHILE: PFS 4165 JT: Military band: Band of the Grenadier Guards dir. BASHFORD: Summer Sequence; Old London; Sussex by the Sea: On the River; Cockney Capers; The Emerald Isle; Welsh Patrol; North Country: A Hunting Scene; Scotland; Life on the Ocean Waves 
AUDIOPHILE: SAN 162 yellow dog/stamp: ORFF Carmina Burana  Popp/ Unger/ Wolansky/ Noble/ Boys' Choir/NPO BURGOS
  AUDIOPHILE: SAN 195/7 (3 LP's) yellow/gold stamp: BACH Mass in b  Giebel/ Baker/ Gedda/ Prey cond. KLEMPERER
  AUDIOPHILE: SB 6635: RODRIGO Concierto de Aranjuez/ VIVALDI Lute Conc. in D/ BRITTEN Courtly Dances from Gloriana  cond./dir. C.DAVIS RCA pressing
  AUDIOPHILE: SCM 78/9 (2)  LISZT A Faust Symphony; Orpheus cond.BEECHAM  WRC Recorded Music Circle
AUDIOPHILE SDD 111: GRIEG Peer Gynt incidental music cond.FJELDSTAD
  AUDIOPHILE: SDD 112 FFRR: TCHAIKOVSKY Capriccio Italien; Ov.1812 cond.ALWYN
AUDIOPHILE: SDD 211: STRAUSS R. Till Eulenspiegel; Tod und Verklärung; Dance of the Seven Veils (Salome) w./VPO/KARAJAN

AUDIOPHILE: SDD 221: CHOPIN Les Sylphides/ DELIBES La Source cond.MAAG

  AUDIOPHILE SDD 231 JT: BIZET C; Suite: Jeux d'enfants; Suite: La Jolie fille de Perth  cond.ANSERMET
  AUDIOPHILE: SDD 251 JT:  MOZART Divertimenti in D K136; in D K334  VIENNA OCTET
  AUDIOPHILE: SDD 255 JT:  BLISS Things to Come; Welcome the Queen/ ELGAR Pomp & Circumstance Marches Op.39 cond.BLISS
  AUDIOPHILE: SDD 270: DVORÁK Pno.Quintet in A,Op.81(1)(2)/ SCHUBERT: Quartettsatz(1)  VPO Qt.(w./Boskovsky)(1), Curzon(2)
Original, no SXL
  AUDIOPHLE: SDD 285 JT: HAYDN Eb Op.33:2; in F Op.3:5; in d Op.76:2  w./JANÁČEK QT.
  AUDIOPHLE: SDD 286 JT: Ferrier, Kathleen: BACH / HANDEL Arias (Historic performances of October 1952 with re-recorded genuine stereo accompaniment, cond.BOULT)
AUDIOPHILE SDD 290 JT: MOZART Divertimenti in Bb K.287; in F K247  w./mbrs.Vienna Octet
AUDIOPHILE: SDD 362: HAYDN Syms.103 in Eb (Drum Roll); 104 in D (London) w./VPO cond.KARAJAN
from rare SXL6067; SB2092
  AUDIOPHILE: SDD 364 JT: MOZART Horn Concs.1-4; Fragment TUCKWELL cond.MAAG
  AUDIOPHILE: SDD 421: BEETHOVEN Overtures: Leonora Nos.1, 2, 3; Fidelio  cond.MAAZEL
  AUDIOPHILE: SDD 441: SCHUBERT Str.Quintet D.956; Quartettsatz  Weller Qt.
AUDIOPHILE: SEOM 6 no outer rim (original): The Enjoyment of Stereo: "How to get the best out of your record playing equipment" by John Borwick & audiophile excerpts by BOULT/BARBIROLLI/BARENBOIM &c.
AUDIOPHILE: SEOM 6 outer rim: The Enjoyment of Stereo: "How to get the best out of your record playing equipment" by John Borwick & audiophile excerpts by BOULT/BARBIROLLI/BARENBOIM &c.
AUDIOPHILE: SET 252/3 NB (2 LP's): BRITTEN War Requiem  Vishnevskaya/Pears/Fischer-Dieskau cond.COMPOSER
  AUDIOPHILE: SKL 5187 NB: Mantovani: Musical Moments with Mantovani
  AUDIOPHILE: SLS 821 no ring (2 LP's): BRAHMS Ein Deutsches Requiem(1)(3)(4); Alto Rhapsody(2)(3)(4); Tragic Overture(4)  Schwarzkopf, Fischer-Dieskau(1), Ludwig(2), Philh.Chorus(3), Philh.O.cond.KLEMPERER(4) 
  AUDIOPHILE: SLS 827 B/W dog/stamp (4 LP's): BACH St.Matthew Passion  Pears/ Fischer-Dieskau/ Schwarzkopf/ Ludwig/ Gedda cond.KLEMPERER

AUDIOPHILE: SLS 5013 B/W dog in stamp (3 LP's): Baker, Janet: MAHLER 5 Rückert Songs; Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen; Kindertotenlieder/ RAVEL Shčhčrazade/ ELGAR Sea Pictures/ BERLIOZ Les nuits d'été cond.BARBIROLLI Bishop - Parker recordings

  AUDIOPHILE: SLS 5030 B/W dog/stamp (4 LP's): ELGAR Syms.1,2; Enigma Vars.; Intro.& Allegro; Cockaigne Ov.; Falstaff Op 68; Pomp & Circumstance Marches Op.39 cond.BARBIROLLI
  AUDIOPHILE: SPA 97 JT: World of Ballet Vol.2: GOUNOD Faust Ballet Music (1)/ SMETANA: Polka & Furiant (Bartered Bride)(2)/ PONCHIELLI Dance of the Hours(3)/ BORODIN Polovtsian Dances(4)  cond.GIBSON(1), Kertesz(2), GARDELLI(3), ANSERMET(4)
AUDIOPHILE: SPA 152 JT: STRAVINSKY Firebird Suite (1919); Petrushka (original 1911 version) cond.MONTEUX
  AUDIOPHILE: SPA 202 JT: Bohemian Rhapsody: DVOŘÁK Slavonic Dances Op.46:1,3,8; Op.72:9,10 / SMETANA Overture, Polka & Furiant (Bartered Bride); Vltava (Má vlast) cond.KERTESZ
AUDIOPHILE: SPA 222: BERLIOZ Symphonie fantastique VPO cond.MONTEUX
AUDIOPHILE: SPA 225:  SCHUBERT Sym. 8 in b "Unfinished" (1); March Militaire No. 1 (orch Weninger) (2); Rosamunde (h/l)(3)  VPO cond.SCHURICHT(1), Knappertsbusch(2), Monteux(3)
Price Ł4.50 (original stereo issue of Schuricht)
AUDIOPHILE: SPA 226 JT: PROKOFIEV Cinderella (h/l); Romeo & Juliet (h/l) cond.ANSERMET
AUDIOPHILE: SPA 227 JT: RESPIGHI The Pines of Rome; The Fountains of Rome; Puro Sangue (Rossiniana) cond.ANSERMET
Price: Ł5
  AUDIOPHILE: SPA 231 JT: DEBUUSY La Mer; Clair de lune*; Prélude ŕ l'aprčs-midi d'un faune*; Petite Suite; Danse* SRO cond.ANSERMET *orig.UK stereo issue
AUDIOPHILE: SPA 233: RODRIGO Concierto de Aranjuez(1); Fantasía para un gentilhombre(2)  Yepes(1)/National Orch.of Spain cond.ARGENTA(1), de Burogs(2)
  AUDIOPHILE: SPA 314 Dutch: DELIBES Coppelia (h/l) ; Sylvia (h/l) cond.ANSERMET


  AUDIOPHILE: SPA 536 UK: ELGAR Pomp & Circumstance Marches; Enigma Vars. cond.BLISS/ MONTEUX
AUDIOPHILE: SR 60092 US FR1/FR1: An Evening at the Opera: arrangements from Carmen, Tosca, Boheme &c. performed by Wal-berg & his orch.
AUDIOPHILE: SRCS 31 Nimbus:  IRELAND A London Overture; Epic March; The Holy Boy; Concertino pastorale; Elegy and Minuet (A Downland Suite)  cond.BOULT
Price Ł5.50
  AUDIOPHILE: ST 183 Green Chevrons: TCHAIKOVSKY Nutcracker Suite cond.Hollingsworth WORLD RECORD CLUB
  AUDIOPHILE: STS 15031 JT: BERLIOZ Ovs: Roman Carnival; Benvenuto Cellini; Beatrice et Benedict; Le Corsaire + Rackoczy March  PCO cond.MARTINON
AUDIOPHILE: LONDON STS 15169 UK: GLUCK Don Juan (Complete Ballet Music)  ASMF/Marriner 
  AUDIOPHILE: SXL 6000 NB UK:  KHACHATURIAN Spartacus & Gayaneh (h/l) cond.COMPOSER
AUDIOPHILE: SXL 6044 NB JT: DVOŘÁK Sym.8 in G Op.88; Scherzo Capriccioso Op.66 cond.KERTÉSZ
  AUDIOPHILE: SXL 6081 WB/G/Eng:  RAVEL Shéhérazade/ BERLIOZ Nuits d'Été  CRESPIN cond.ANSERMET some heat damage at starts, tracks OK
  AUDIOPHILE: SXL 6159 NB UK: TCHAIKOVSKY Sym 1  cond.MAAZEL stamping on sleeve o/w NM
  AUDIOPHILE: SXL 6175 NB JT: BRITTEN Cantata Misericordium(1); Sinfonia da Requiem cond. COMPOSER w./Pears, Fischer-Dieskau(1)
  AUDIOPHILE: SXL 6220 WB/G/Eng: WAGNER Götterdämmerung (h/l)  Nilsson/ Windgassen cond.SOLTI

AUDIOPHILE SXL 6259 NB UK: MOZART Pno.Concs.8; 9 Ashkenasy cond.KERTESZ

AUDIOPHILE: SXL 6291 WB/G/Eng. very thick:  DVOŘÁK Sym.9 in e, Op.95 (From the New World); Ov.: Othello Op.93 cond.KERTÉSZ  heat damage at start of sides (trackable)
  AUDIOPHILE: SXL 6328 NB: MUSSORGSKY Pictures at an Exhibion (pno. and orch.versions) LAPO/ASHKENAZY
Price Ł5.50
  AUDIOPHILE: SXL 6398 NB JT: HINDEMITH: Sym.Metamorphoses/ JANÁCEK: Sinfonietta cond.ABBADO
  AUDIOPHILE: SXL 6435 NB UK: DELIUS: Pno.Conc. in c/ DEBUSSY: Fantaisie for pno. & orch KARS/LSO cond.GIBSON no wide band
  AUDIOPHILE: SXL 6445 NB UK: HINDEMITH Symphony:Mathis der Maler/ LUTOSLAWSKI Concerto for orch. cond.KLETZKI
  AUDIOPHILE: SXL 6776 Australian issue: DELIBES Coppélia (h/l)(1),(3); Sylvia (h/l)(2),(3) SRO(1), NPO(2) cond.Bonynge(3)
(2) is a Kenneth Wilkinson recording. Very hard SXL number to find
  AUDIOPHILE: SXL 6782 NB UK: Overtures: VERDI Forza del Destino/ BEETHOVEN Creatures of Prometheus/ BERLIOZ Roman Carnival/ GLINKA Ruslan & Ludmila/ BRAHMS Academic Festival/ ROSSINI Thieving Magpie  cond.MAAZEL
  AUDIOPHILE: SXLP 20033 chevrons, flap jacket: HANDEL arr.Harty  Music for the Royal Fireworks Suite; Water Music Suite cond.WELDON ORIGINAL ISSUE
AUDIOPHILE: SXLP 30061 chevrons, flap jacket: SIBELIUS Sym.2  cond.KLETZKI  slight warp
  AUDIOPHILE: SXLP 30146 TAS: DEBUSSY La Mer; Nocturnes cond.GIULINI
  AUDIOPHILE: SXLP 30248: BERLIOZ Les Troyens (Act V Scenes 2 & 3); The Death of Cleopatra  LSO cond.GIBSON ORIGINAL ISSUE

AUDIOPHILE: VICS 1026 plum UK: BRAHMS Pno.Conc.2  Gilels/ CSO cond.REINER

AUDIOPHILE VICS 1044 Pink UK JT: BERLIOZ Overtures: Le Corsaire; Roman Carnival; Beatrice and Benedict; Benvenuto Cellini & Royal Hunt and Storm (The Trojans) cond.MUNCH
AUDIOPHILE VICS 1069 Plum groove UK:  Finlandia: SIBELIUS King Christian II Suite Op.27 (h/l); Finlandia; Valse triste &c. / GRIEG Wedding Day at Troldhaugen (orch.Huppertz); Two Melodies Op.63; Two Elegiac Melodies Op.34 cond. MACKERRAS
AUDIOPHILE VICS 1265 Pink UK:  STRAUSS R. Also Sprach Zarathustra cond.REINER (earlier recording)
AUDIOPHILE: VICS 1402 Pink UK: Goodman, Benny: MOZART Clt.Quintet K581(1); Clt.Conc.K622(2) w./Boston Sym.Qt.(1), Boston SO/Munch(2)
original UK stereo
  AUDIOPHILE: VICS 1426 Pink UK: LISZT Pno.Concs.1;2  Pennario cond.LEIBOWITZ
  AUDIOPHILE: VICS 1488 Pink UK: COPLAND Appalachian Spring; Suite: The Tender Land  cond.COMPOSER  ex-library but excellent condition
AUDIOPHILE VICS 1523 Pink UK:  BEETHOVEN Sym.7; Fidelio Ov. cond.REINER excellent, undated sound quality
AUDIOPHILE VICS 1561 Pink UK:  STRAUSS R. Don Quixote Op.35 (Janigro, vlc.) w./Rosenkavalier Waltzes cond.REINER
AUDIOPHILE: VICS 2004 Maroon Teldec:  BERLIOZ Harold in Italy Op.16 w./Primrose(vla.)/Boston SO/Munch
AUDIOPHILE: YKM 5014: YOUR KIND OF J.STRAUSS: Barbirolli/Boskovsky/Schwarzkopf/Ackerman/H.Krips  light blue dog in stamp
AUDIOPHILE: ZK 2 UK:  HANDEL Oboe Concs.1 in Bb; 2 in Bb (+variant); 3 in g; Arrival of Queen of Sheba; Berenice Ov.  ASMF/Marriner w./Roger Lord (oboe)
AUDIOPHILE: ZRG 573 JT no oval UK:  ELGAR Introduction & Allegro Op.47; Sospiri Op.70; Serenade for strings Op.20; Elegy Op.58; Suite: The Spanish Lady  ASMF/Marriner somewhat tatty sleeve
AUDIOPHILE: ZRG 631 Oval, thick:  HAYDN J. Organ Conc. in C(1)(3)/ HAYDN, Michael  Duo concertante for organ and vla.(2)(3)  Preston(1), Shingles(2),ASMF/Marriner(3)
Price: Ł5
AUDIOPHILE: ZRG 679 UK:  MOZART Sym.32 in G K.318; Eine kleine Nachtmusik K.525; Sinf.Concertante in Eb K.364(1)  Marriner/ASMF w./Loveday/Shingles(1)
  AUDIOPHILE: ZRG 928 Dutch: ROMANTIC BRASS: EWALD Quintet 3/ RAMSÖE Quartet 5/ arrs. from MENDELSSOHN/ DVOŘÁK &c. Philip Jones Brass Ens.
AVISON Concertos from sonatas by D.Scarlatti  L'Ensemble  SCHWANN 2 LP's

BABOU Livre d'orgue Vol.3 (Dutch historic instrument) Schoonbroodt  MUSIQUE EN WALLONIE


BACH The Art of Fugue ASMF/Marriner PHILIPS 2 LP's


BACH Kantaten Vol.16 BWV 61-4 HARNONCOURT w./scores TELEFUNKEN


BACH Kantaten Nos.211 (Coffee); 212 (Peasant)  Otto/ Traxel/ Fischer-Dieskau cond.FORSTER  WRC UK Stereo early red strobe label ex ASD 457
BACH Kantaten Nos.211 (Coffee); 212 (Peasant)  Otto/ Traxel/ Fischer-Dieskau cond.FORSTER  CFP 4516 ex ASD 457
Price Ł2.50
  BACH Mass in b  Marshall/ Baker/ Ramey/ Tear cond.MARRINER  PHILIPS 3 LP's
BACH Motets: Singet dem Herrn; Der Geist hilft unsrer Schwachheit auf; Lobet den Herrn; Jesu, meine Freude(1); Chorale Prelude BWV 727(2)  Berlin Motet Choir/Arndt(1), Nowakowski(1,2) TELEFUNKEN GMA 36 harmless marks
Price Ł2.50

BACH St.Matthew Passion (h/l)  Ameling/Wunderlich cond.MÜNCHINGER  GERMAN DECCA ROYAL SOUND STEREO


BACH St Matthew Passion (in English)  Tear/ Shirley-Quirk/ Lott/ Bach Choir/ St Paul's Cathedral Choristers/ Thames Chamber Orchestra cond.WILLCOCKS  DECCA 4 LP's
Kenneth Wilkinson recording

Baker, Janet: The Art of: EMI SLS 5275 (3 LP's) large dog

Baker, Janet & Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich: Duets live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London: PURCELL/ SCHUMANN/ MENDELSSOHN/ CORNELIUS/ BRAHMS  EMI ASD 2553 B/W dog/stamp, damp sleeve


Baker, Janet: French Songs: RAVEL: Trois počmes de Mallarmé; Chansons madecasses/ CHAUSSON: Chanson perpétuelle/ DELAGE: Quatre počmes Hindous w./Melos Ens. dir.Keefe  OISEAU LYRE stereo Dutch press UNPLAYEDD

Baker, Janet: Grandi Voci: Arias and songs by BACH J.S./ PURCELL/ CAVALLI/ RAMEAU/ RAVEL/ CHAUSSON  cond.Marriner/ Leppard/ Lewis or w./Melos Ens. DECA GRV 5


BALASSA The Man Outside  Tokody/ Polgár/ Gregor/ Nagy cond.LEHEL  AVANT EXPERIMENTAL OPERA HUNGAROTON 2 LP's


Barchet, Reinhold: BACH Vln. E; in a; Double d (w./van der Muhren) cond.TILEGANT  WRC mono


Barchet, Reinhold: VIVALDI The Four Seasons, Op.8 cond.MÜNCHINGER  DECCA Eclipse early JT electric stereo


Barenboim, Daniel: BEETHOVEN Pno.Sons.8 in c, Op. 13 (Pathétique); 14 in c# Op.27:2 (Moonlight); 23 in f Op.57 (Appassionata) HMV HQS 1076  Original black label  (few odd ticks/light pressing bubbles)


Barshai, Rudolf: MOZART Symphonies Nos 25 ; 33 EURODISC early white stereo


BART Oliver! Musical (Original Cast) DECCA

BART Oliver! Musical (Original Soundtrack) Elder/Moody/Wild/Secombe cond.GREEN RCA SB 6777 spot UK Decca presss

  BARTÓK 3 Hungarian Folk songs from Csik; 15 Hungarian Peasant Songs; Allegro barbaro; Esquisses Op.9b; Improvisations Op.20; Quatre Nenies Op.9a  Kocsis  PHILIPS
  BARTÓK Divertimento/ BRITTEN: Variations on a theme of Frank Bridge Op 10 Polish CO/Maksymiuk MD+G digital

BARTÓK 2 Rhapsodies for vln. & orch./ BERG Vln.Conc.  MENUHIN cond Boulez EMI ASD

Bassoon: L'Aprés-midi d'un dinosaur: Perkins w./Hancock(pno.): HURLSTONE F/ ELGAR Romance/ JACOB Four Sketches/ SAINT-SAËNS G/ PIERNÉ Solo de Concert/ GOUNOD/ SENAILLÉ/ IBERT  Hyperion A66054

  BAX November Woods; The Happy Forest; Garden of Fand; Summer Music cond.THOMSON  CHANDOS
  Beecham, Sir Thomas: DELIUS A Mass of Life  Raisbeck/ Sinclair/ Craig/ Boyce CBS 2 LP's
  Beecham, Sir Thomas: DVOŘÁK Sym.8 (RFH London 25 Oct '59)/ WAGNER Meistersingers Ov. (live perfs.) EMI ALP mono orig. (no stereo)

Beecham, Sir Thomas: FRANCK d  HMV ALP different take to ASD


Beecham, Sir Thomas: LALO Sym./ BIZET Sym. French EMI stereo

Beecham, Sir Thomas: SCHUBERT Syms.3; 5 w./RPO  EMI SXLP 30204 coloured dog/stamp, white outer rim

Beecham, Sir Thomas: SIBELIUS Sym.2 in D Op.43 w./BBC SO  Live Royal Festival Hall, London 8 Dec.54  WRC ST 1085 e/s
Beecham, Sir Thomas: SIBELIUS Sym.7 in C Op.105; The Oceanides Op 73; Pelléas et Mélisande Op 46 w./RPO HMV ALP 1480
  Beecham, Sir Thomas: WAGNER Ov: Flying Dutchman; Prelude Act III, Dance of the Apprentices & Entry of the Masters (Meistersingers); Good Friday Music (Parsifal); Siegfried's Rhine Journey & Funeral Music (Götterdämmerung) PHILIPS GBL

BEETHOVEN Fidelio  Janowitz/ Popp/ Fischer-Dieskau  cond.Bernstein DGG 3 LP's

BEETHOVEN Fidelio (h/l)  Fischer-Dieskau/ Haefliger/ Rysanek/ Seefried cond.FRICSAY  DGG LPEM 192155
BEETHOVEN Fidelio  Dernesch/ Vickers/ Donath/ Berlin PO cond.Karajan  Angel SCL-3773 (3 LP's)

BEETHOVEN Fidelio  Ludwig/ Vickers cond.Klemperer Angel 3 LP's



BEETHOVEN Fidelio  Behrens/ Sotin/ Adam cond.SOLTI DECCA 3 LP's

BEETHOVEN Fidelio  Flagstad/ Svanholm cond. Bruno WALTER live 1951  BWS 804 (2 LP's) some ticks Side 2
Price Ł4.50

BEETHOVEN Missa Solemnis  Söderström/ Hoffgen/ Talvela cond.Klemperer  EMI AUDIOPHILE SAN  2 LP's


BEETHOVEN Serenades in D Op 8 for vln., vla. & vlc.; in D Op 25 for flute, vln. & vla. Dresden Chamber Soloists incl.Rudolf ULBRICH (vln.)


BEETHOVEN Strg.Qts.Op.18:1-6 Cleveland Qt. RCA Red Seal 3 LP's Sealed




BEETHOVEN Sym.7 ; Overture: Leonore 3  VPO cond.Schmidt-Isserstedt DECCA CASSETTE


BEETHOVEN Sym.9 (Choral)  VPO/Schmidt-Isserstedt DECCA AUDIOPHILE SXL6233 NB

BEETHOVEN D, Op.61  Iona Brown/ASMF Marriner (+ Romance No.2 in F, Op.50 w./Boskovsky and Vienna Mozart Ens.)  DECCA 417 280-1

Beinum, Eduard van: SCHUBERT Rosamunde 10 inch DECCA LW 5340 mono only


BENATZKY White Horse Inn  ROTHENBERGER/ Minich cond.Mattes EMI SLS 5184 2 LP's rare



BERG Lulu  Rothenberger/ Borg cond. Ludwig  live Hamburg State Opera ANGEL US 3 LP's stereo
from rare German only Columbia STC white/gold

BERG Lyric Suite; String Qt. Op 3 LaSalle Qt.  DGG German pressing
BERG Wozzeck  Waechter/ Silja cond.Dohnányi  DECCA DIGITAL 2LP's
Berganza, Teresa: FALLA Seven Popular Spanish Songs(1); Eight Basque Songs(2); Four Spanish Songs(3) w./Lavilla(pno.)(1), cond.Gombau(2), Lauret(3)  from rare early stereo EP's DECCA SDD 324 stereo

Berganza, Teresa: MOZART Arias cond.Pritchard  DECCA SDD 176 JT

Berganza, Teresa: ROSSINI Arias from Barber of Seville; Italian Girl in Algiers; Stabat Mater; Semiramide; Cinderella  DECCA ACE of DIAMONDS stereo
Berganza, Teresa: Spanish & Italian Songs: CESTI/ GRANADOS/ GURIDI/ PERGOLESI/ TURINA &c. (w./Lavilla, pno.) ACE of DIAMONDS JT stereo ex rare SXL 6005

BERKELEY Horn Trio w./Dennis BRAIN/ IRELAND Piano Con/Horsley  


BERLIOZ Beatrice & Benedict  Baker/ Tear/ Bastin cond.C.DAVIS  PHILIPS 2 LP's NEW!

BERLIOZ La Mort de Cléopâtre; Sara la Baigneuse; Méditation Religieuse; La Mort d'Ophélie  Pashley/St.Anthony Singers/ECO cond.C.DAVIS  L'OISEAU LYRE SOL 304 Decca JT later press.
BERLIOZ Overtures: Le Corsaire; Waverley; Carnival Romain; King Lear; Les Francs Juges cond.C.DAVIS  PHILIPS SAL red UK
  BERLIOZ Te Deum  Franco Tagliavini cond.DAVIS  PHILIPS plum original
BERNSTEIN, Leonard: MAHLER Lieder aus Das Knaben Wunderhorn w./Christa Ludwig, Walter Berry/NYPO  CBS 72805  UK press.
BERNSTEIN, Leonard: NIELSEN Sym.3 Op.27 (Espansiva)  w./Royal Danish O.  CBS 72369 UK PHILIPS press.
  BERNSTEIN, Leonard: SIBELIUS Sym.1 in e Op.39  w./NYPO CBS 72732 UK
BERNSTEIN, Leonard: SIBELIUS Sym.5 in Eb Op.82;  Pohjola's Daughter  w./NYPO CBS 72356 UK
Betjeman, Sir John: Betjeman's Banana Blush: the Poet Laureate reads his verse accompanied by the music of Jim PARKER  CAS 1086 w./insert
  Biggs, Richard Keys: BACH/ SIBELIUS/ BOEX/ DANDRIEU/ SCHUBERT (Organ of the Blessed Sacrament, Los Angeles) CAPITOL 10" mono RARE

BIZET Carmen (h/l in English)  Johnson/ Smith/ Herincx/ Hunter/ Sadler's Wells cond. C.DAVIS EMI AUDIOPHILE


BIZET Carmen (h/l) Moffo/ Donath/ Auger cond.MAAZEL Eurodisc orig.white label, gatefold window sleeve

  BIZET Carmen  Michel/ Angelici/ Jobin/ Dens cond.CLUYTENS  TRIANON 3 LP e/stereo
  BIZET Ivan IV  Noble/ Scovotti/ Brecknock &c./ BBC NSO & Chorus cond.Bryden THOMSON pp 1975  VOCE 3 LP's stereo

BIZET Jeux d'Enfants / DEBUSSY En Blanc et Noir &c. W. & B.Klien (two pianos) TURNABOUT UK Decca press

BIZET Pearl Fishers  Gedda/ Blanc/ Micheau cond.Dervaux  EMI SLS 877 2 LP's (from SAX originals)

BIZET Sym.; Jeux d'Enfants; Jolie fille suite BENZI LSO Philips stereo 

Björling/Merrill: The Pearl Fishers Duet by BIZET: and other famous operatic duets and scenes by VERDI and PUCCINI pp.1952-56  RCA LP 3043 mono
BLISS, Sir Arthur: A Colour Symphony; Introduction & Allegro cond.COMPOSER  DECCA ACL 239
  BLISS Discourse/ McPHEE Sym.2 (Pastoral) cond.WHITNEY  LOUISVILLE LOU-592 mono as issued

BLISS Pastoral: Lie strewn the white flocks; A Knot of Riddles  Shirley-Quirk &c./LCO cond.Morris PYE



  BLOCH America: An Epic Rhapsody cond.STOKOWSKI  Vanguard UK stereo

BLOW Ode on the death of Mr Henry Purcell; Songs from Amphion Anglicus    Jacobs/ Bowman dir.Leonhardt


BOITO Mefistofele  Siepi/ del Monaco/ Tebaldi cond.SERAFIN DECCA 3 LP's NM


BORODIN Prince Igor (complete four act version) Belgrade National Opera/Danon DECCA GOM 4 LP's 



Boult, Sir Adrian: HOLST The Planets w./LPO & Choir  MARBLE ARCH mono MAL 617 ex Nixa (no stereo)
Boult, Sir Adrian: RACHMANINOV Sym.2 in e, Op.27 (w./LPO) pp.1957  RCA RB mono UK press
Boult, Sir Adrian: TCHAIKOVSKY Nutcracker Suite Op.71a; Sleeping Beauty Suite Op.66  w./RPO  CFP 40369 ex STUDIO 2 STEREO TWO 183
Boys' Choir: King's College, Cambridge dir. Willcocks: TALLIS Spem in alium (in 40 parts); Te lucis ante terminum (2 versions); Ecce tempus idoneum; Veni Redemptor gentium, In ieiunio et fletu &c. ARGO ZRG 5436 boxed logo, no leaflet
Boys' Choir: King's College, Cambridge dir. Ord: Tudor Church Music Vol.1: GIBBONS Six Anthems; Three Voluntaries; Song 44 (Veni Creator) &c. w./McLean (org.)  ARGO RG 80 oval logo, mono only
Price Ł4.50
Boys' choir: St.John's College, Cambridge dir.Guest: TALLIS Te Deum for five voices; In ieiunio et fletu &c.; organ works/ WEELKES Nunc Dimittis (In medio chori); Hosanna to the Son of David &c. DECCA ECS 683 true stereo from rare 1961 ZRG
Boys' choir: St.John's College, Cambridge dir.Guest: World of: WEELKES/ WESLEY/ HOWELLS/ MESSIAEN/ MONTEVERDI/ VAUGHAN WILLIAMS &c.  DECCA SPA 300 UK press..
BRAHMS Academic Festival Ov.; Haydn Vars.; Tragic Ov.; Alto Rhapsodyy(1)  cond.Loughran w./ Bernadette Greevy (contralto)(1) EMI CFP





BRAHMS Sym.3; Vars.on a theme of Haydn  cond.KERTESZ  DECCA

Brain, Dennis: Lennox BERKELEY Horn Trio(1)/ MOZART Horn Quintet K452(2) ANGEL mono 60073 w./Horsley(1),(2), PARIKIAN(1), L.Brain, Waters, James(2)
Brain, Dennis: MOZART Horn Concs. 1 - 4 w./Philh.O. cond.KARAJAN  COLUMBIA 33CX 1140 Earliest pancake
  Brain, Dennis: MOZART Horn Concs. 1 - 4 w./Philh.O. cond.KARAJAN  ASD electronic stereo

Brain, Dennis: BRAHMS Horn Trio/ MOZART: Horn Quintet K407/MARAIS: Le Basque broadcast recordings BBC RECORDS


Brain, Dennis: BRAHMS Horn Trio/ MOZART: Horn Quintet K407/MARAIS: Le Basque broadcast recordings BBC RECORDS


Brannigan, Owen: Geordie Songs w./Lush (pno.) 7 inch HMV EP six tracks



Brannigan, Owen: A Little Nonsense/ MACKERRAS CLP1557


Brannigan, Owen & Harwood, Elizabeth: Sing the Songs of Britain  w./Hendon Grammar School Choir/Mackerras EMI

  Bress, Hyman: BACH Son.1 & Partita 1 for uncacc.vln.  MACE US stereo


  BRITTEN Albert Herring  Pears/ Fischer/ Brannigan cond.COMPOSER  DECCA SET 3 LP's Dutch press.

BRITTEN Owen Wingrave  Luxon/ Baker/ Harper/ Pears cond.COMPOSER Decca SET 2 LP's Dutch press.

  BRITTEN Peter Grimes (h/l)  Pears/ Watson/ Brannigan/ ROHCG cond.COMPOSER  DECCA SXL WBG AUDIOPHILE

BRITTEN Peter Grimes  Pears/ Watson/ Brannigan/ ROHCG cond.COMPOSER DECCA LXT orig. plastic pocket

BRITTEN Rape of Lucretia (abridged) Pears/ Ferrier/ Joan Cross cond.COMPOSER, live Holland 1967  IGI 369 + libretto

BRITTEN Rape of Lucretia (abridged version from original Glyndebourne production 1946) Pears/ Evans /Cross cond.GOODALL EMI ORIGINAL

BRUCKNER Sym.6 in A  Concgb.0. cond.HAITINK  PHILIPS 6500 164 silver few odd ticks
Budapest Qt.: BEETHOVEN Str.Qt. 7 in F Op.59:1 (Rasoumovsky)  PHILIPS 10" ABR 4055 slightly torn sleeve
  BUSONI Arlecchino  Wallace/ Evans/ Albin/ GLYNDEBOURNE cond. PRITCHARD  RCA LM US SD

BUSONI Konzertstück for pno.& orch.Op.31a; Div.for flute & orch.Op.52; Concertino for clt.& small orch.Op.48; Rondo Arlecchinesco for tenor & orch Op.46  Soloists/ Berlin SO cond.Bünte  CANDIDE US RARE!


BUSONI Vln.Sons. Hyman BRESS L'Oiseau-Lyre NM

  Callas, Maria: Operatic Arias: Medea, La Vestale, I Puritani, La Sonnambula  COLUMBIA South Africa 33JCX 1540
Callas, Maria: Unreleased Arias: BELLINI & PUCCINI: Pirata, Attila, I Vespri Siciliani, I Lombardi, Un ballo in maschera, Aida  EMI ASDJ 2791
issued 1971, original release pressed "for or by a registered user"
  Cambridge Buskers: A Little Street Music: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik; William Tell Ov.; Minute Waltz; The Entertainer &c. DGG  poor sleeve
Caracciolo, Franco: RESPIGHI The Birds; Trittico Botticelliano w./Orchestra Alessandro Scarlatti  COLUMBIA 33CX 1354 blue



DU CAURROY Requiem pour les défunts rois de France (Missa pro Defunctis); Psalm 90; Psalm 4  CAILLAT  ARION rare French

  CAVALIERI Rappresentatione di Anima, et di Corpo  Troyanos/ Prey/ Auger/ Esswood cond.MACKERRAS  ARCHIV  2 LP's NEW/SEALED
  CHARPENTIER, M.A. Judith  Russel/ Tomlinson English Bach Festival Ch.& Baroque O. ERATO  rare
  Charlier(vln.)/Menuhin (narrator) The Life of Stradivarius played on violin owned by Christian Ferras
  CHERUBINI Medea (h/l) Callas/ Scotto w./La Scala cond.SERAFIN  Swiss ELITE SPECIAL stereo (Mercury licence)
  CHERUBINI L'Osteria Portoghese(1); Le due Giornate(2)  Ligabue, Fabbri &c. cond.PIAZZA(1), Picchi, Silveri, Montasolo cond.PEDROTTI(2)  MRF 3 LP'S NEW, SEALED
CHOPIN Études Opp. 10 & 25 (cpte.)  Ian Hobson (pno). Winner of the 1981 Leeds Piano Competition  EMI CFP 4392 UK original issue
  CHOPIN Études Opp. 10 & 25 (cpte.); Waltzes Nos. 1 - 17 VÁSÁRY (pno.)  DGG 2 LP's

Choral: UCLA Glee Club: Five Centuries of Men's Choral Music: CHARPENTIER Magnificat/ CARISSIMI Plorate, filii Israel/ BARTÓK Three Slovak Folksongs/ DA NOLA Are all the Ladies deaf?/ DOWLAND Come again, sweet love/ SCHUBERT Widerspruch/ DVORÁK Maegdlein im Walde; Gram  EVEREST SDBR 3164 USA press.

  Christoff, Boris: 1949-52 recordings EMI RLS 735 3 LP's

CILEA Adriana Lecouvreur  Olivero/ Corelli/ Bastianini/ Simionato LIVE Naples 28/11/59 definitive perf. rare Discocorp 2 LP's

Cluytens, André:  FAURÉ Requiem w./Los Angeles/ Fischer-Dieskau/PCO  EMI CFP 40234


Cluytens, André: (MUSSORGSKY orch.RAVEL) Pictures at an Exhibition; Prelude to Khovanshchina/ GLINKA (arr.RIMSKY-KORSAKOV, GLAZOUNOV) Kamarinskaya  TRIANON electronic stereoo

COATES, Eric  The Three Elizabeths Suite; The Three Men Suite; Four Centuries Suite; The Three Bears Phantasy cond.COMPOSER  ECLIPSE ECS 2088 e/s UK Press.

COLERIDGE-TAYLOR Hiawatha's Feast cond.Sargent  AUDIOPHILE EMI ASD later press.

Collins, Anthony: SIBELIUS Syms.3 ; 7  DECCA ACL mono


Communist patriotic songs by Czech contemporary composers BOHÁČ/SEIDEL/DOBIÁŠ &c. PANTON 11 0567 

Concertgebouw Orch., An Evening with: MENDELSSOHN A Midsummer Night's Dream h/l; Sym.4 in A/ BRAHMS Pno Conc.22(1)/ MAHLER Sym.4 in G(2) (cond.HAITINK with Arrau(1)/Ameling(2)) PHILIPS 3 LP's + Hardback book

CONTEMPORARY: BABBITT, Milton  Sextets; The Joy of More Sextets w./Rolf Schulte(vln.)/Alan Feinberg (pno.)  NEW WORLD NW 364 stereo
Price Ł5.50
CONTEMPORARY: GERHARD Sardana/ GREGSON Intrada/ CRUFT Essay on a phrase/ PATTERSON Cataclysm/ HAZELL Three Cats/ VINTNER Triumphant Rhapsody (some live perfs.)  London Collegiate Brass cond.GREGSON  BEDIVERE UKMA BVUK 001
Price Ł5
CONTEMPORARY: HERRMANN Cantata: Moby Dick  Amis/ BOWMAN/ Aeolian Sgrs./ LPO cond.COMPOSER  PYE TPLS 13006 orig.flipback sleeve
Price Ł5
CONTEMPORARY: HOFFERT Conc. for contemporary violin/ STRAVINSKY L'Histoire du Soldat  STARYK(vln.)/Ensemble cond.HOFFERT  ULTRA FI Direct-to-Disc ULDD 12 stereo
Price Ł6
CONTEMPORARY: HOVHANESS Sym.15 Op.199 (Silver Pilgrimage)/ BERKELEY Four Ronsard Sonnets(1)  Louisville Orch.cond.WHITNEY w./Whitesides(1)  LOU 662 mono, homemade jacket w./original notes
Price Ł4.00
CONTEMPORARY: HOVHANESS Sym.21(Etchmiadzin),Op.234; Armenian Rhapsody 3, Op.189; Mountains and Rivers Without End Op.225  RPO cond.COMPOSER  RHS 322 UK press
Price Ł5.50
CONTEMPORARY: KARDOŠ Concerto for orch. Op 30(1),(2),(3); Heroic Ballad Op.32(2),(4)  Karin(pno.)(1), Slovak PO(2),cond.Slovák(3),Rajter(4)  SUPRAPHON Music Nova blue/gold SUA 18187
Price Ł5.50
CONTEMPORARY: LAZAROF Spectrum for tpt., orch. and tape(1),(3),(5); Flt.Conc.(2),(4),(5)  Stevens(1),Galway(2),NPO(3),Utah S0(4)cond.COMPOSER(5)  CRI SD 373 stereo SEALED
Price Ł5
CONTEMPORARY: NORDGREN Vlc.Conc.1(1); Concerto for strings  Ostrobothnian CO w./ Erkki Rautio (vlc)(1) FINLANDIA digital FAD 350
Price Ł4.50
CONTEMPORARY: PANUFNIK Sinfonia Sacra; Sinfonia Rustica  Monte Carlo Op.O. cond.COMPOSER (EMI Licence) UNICORN RHS 315
Price Ł4.50
CONTEMPORARY: ŘĺDKÝ Vlc.Conc.2 Op.36(1),(2),(3); Nocturne (Serenade for Strings)(2),(4) Smetana(1), Czech PO(2), cond.COMPOSER(3), Sejna(4)  SUPRAPHON Blue/gold LPV 417 some sleeve print removal
Price Ł5.50
CONTEMPORARY: ROCHBERG Str.Qts.4; 5; 6  Concord Qt.  RCA ARL2-4198 Side Dog (2 LP's)
CONTEMPORARY: SHAPEY Str.Qt.7  Contemporary Chamber Players of the University of Chicago Qt.  CRI SD 391 stereo
Price Ł5.50
CONTEMPORARY: SIEGMEISTER Sym.3 (Oslo PO/COMPOSER)/ William MAYER: Overture for an American (LPO/Stanger); Essay for Brass & Winds; Country Fair, for Brass Trio  CRI 185 mono
Price Ł5
COPLAND Red Pony suite; John Henry; Music for Movies; Letter from home; Down a country lane cond.COMPOSER  CBS 61672 UK Press
  Corelli, Franco: Great Religious Arias: SCHUBERT Ave Maria/ HANDEL Largo/ FRANCK Panis angelicus &c. WRC mono

Cortot/Thibaud/Casals Trio: SCHUBERT Pno.Trio in B flat Op 99/ HAYDN Pno.Trio in G Op 73:2 EMI COLH 12


Crespin, Régine: WAGNER Wesendonck Lieder; Arias from Lohengrin, Die Walküre, Parsifal w./FNRO cond.Prętre  HMV ALP 2000 rare

  Curzon, Sir Clifford: BEETHOVEN Pno.Conc.5 (Emperor) cond.Knappertsbusch  DECCA LXT

Curzon, Sir Clifford: LISZT b; Liebestraum 3; Valse Oublieé 1; Gnomenreigen; Berceuse  SXL 21079 blue German


Curzon, Sir Clifford: TCHAIKOVSKY Pno.Conc.1 GERMAN DECCA stereo

  Cyroulnik, Charles: BEETHOVEN Vln.Conc. in D  (w./Colonne O. cond.DERVAUX)  WORLD RECORD CLUB stereo, original Chevrons label, one light scratch
  Czechoslovak Army Central Band: World Military Marches: NOVÁČEK/ FUČIK/ LABSKY/ KING/ SOUSA &c. cond.Urbanec  SUPRAPHON stereo gold label

Davrath, Netania: CANTELOUBE Songs of the Auvergne Vol.2 PHILIPS Plum original


DEBUSSY Six épigraphes antiques (orch Ansermet); Sarabande (orch Ravel); La boîte ŕ joujoux (orch Caplet) JORDAN Erato


DEBUSSY Pelleas et Melisande Danco/ Rehfuss/ SRO cond.Ansermet 1st mono only rec. 3 LP's French Decca


DEBUSSY Pelleas et Melisande h/l rec.1928 CROIZA cond.Bruck


DELIBES Lakmé (h/l) Mesplé cond.Lombard EMI UK (not issued complete in UK)


DELIUS Fennimore & Gerda  Soderström/ Rayner Cook/ Tear cond.Davies EMI 2 LP's


DELIUS Margot la Rouge  McDonall/ Woollam/ Collins/Wilson-Johnson cond.DEL MAR premiere perf NEW!


DELIUS A Village Romeo & Juliet  Luxon/ Tear/ Palmer cond.DAVIES EMI SLS original 2LP's


DERMOTA, Anton & Berry, Walter: MOZART Opera arias for tenor or bass cond.Brückner-Rüggeberg WRC OPEN REEL TAPE


DERVAUX, Pierre: DVOŘÁK Sym.9 (From the New World) Colonne O. WRC SILVER KEY rare

Dickson, Barbara: Gold: including Benny ANDERSSON/ULVAEUS Soldiers  ONE 1312
See tracklist

  Domingo, Placido (w./Denver, John): He couldn't love you more; Annie's Song; Perhaps Love; Yesterday; An American Hymn &c. CBS crossover LP
Domingo, Placido/ Milnes, Sherrill: Great Operatic Duets: La Bohčme/ Forza del Destino/ Vespri Siciliani/ Don Carlo/ Pearl Fishers/ Otello/ Gioconda  w./LSO cond.Guadagno  RCA SER 5593
  DONIZETTI Don Pasquale  Bruscantini/ Valletti cond.Rossi WORLD RECORD CLUB 2OC 131 (Cetra licence) 2 LP's

DONIZETTI L'Elisir d'Amore  PAVAROTTI SET503-5 Decca 3 LP's


DONIZETTI La Favorita  Bastianini/ Simionato/ Poggi cond. EREDE ORIGINAL DECCA STEREO GOS 3 LP's grooved
NO SXL or SET issued


DONIZETTI La Favorita   Bastianini/ Simionato/ Poggi cond. EREDE early stereo Decca licence WRC 3 LP's
NO SXL or SET issued

DONIZETTI Lucia di Lammermoor (h/l as recorded)  Munsel/ Peerce/ Merrill/ Pinza cond.CELLINI  RCA LM 1710 orig. US ruby and white dog, some pressing noise well masked by vivid sound
DONIZETTI Lucia di Lammermoor (excerpts from LM 1710 which is h/l as recorded)  Munsel/ Peerce/ Merrill/ Pinza cond.CELLINI  RCA LRM 7012 orig. US ruby and white dog, very fine condition
  DONIZETTI Lucia di Lammermoor  Sutherland/ Merrill/ Siepi cond.PRITCHARD  DECCA 3 LP's GOS Dutch

DONIZETTI Maria Stuarda (in English)  Baker/ Tomlinson/ Plowright/ ENO cond.MACKERRAS  live SLS 5277 3 LP's

  Dorati, Antal: DVORÁK Slavonic Dances (cpte.)/ SMETANA Ov., Polka, Furiant & Dance from "Bartered Bride"  MERCURY mono original 2 LP's
  O'Dowda, Brendan: Favourites IRISH FOLK  EMI TALISMAN

DOWLAND Second Booke of Songs (1600) L'OISEAU LYRE 2 LP's


DVOŘÁK The Jacobin  Machotková/ Prusa/ Zítek cond.PINKAS SUPRAPHON 3 LP's



  DVOŘÁK Sym.4; In Nature's Realm Ov. cond.KERTESZ  DECCA AUDIOPHILE SXL 6257 NB

DVOŘÁK Sym.8; Scherzo Capriccioso  cond.KERTESZ  DECCA AUDIOPHILE SXL6044 NB but NM

Early Music: Baroque: Art of the Trumpeter: M.A.CHARPENTIER/TORELLI/ALTENBURG/FASCH/FRANCESCHINI  w./TARR (tpt.)/Consortium Musicum dir.LEHAN  EMI HQS 1049, label
Early Music: Baroque: Canadian Brass: PACHELBEL Canon; BACH J.S Toccata & Fugue in d; Sheep may safely graze/ HANDEL Water Music &c. RCA RL 13554 UK press
Early Music: Baroque: London Gabrieli Brass Ensemble: PEZEL Ceremonial Brass Music/ SCHEIDT Suite/ PURCELL Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary/ LOCKE/ STANLEY/ G GABRIELI  ASV ACM 2034
Early Music: Baroque: TELEMANN Die Tageszeiten  Czerny/ Prenzlow/ Unger/ Leib cond.Koch  HELIODOR UK press real stereo
Early Music: Florilegium: COPRARIO Songs of Mourning(1); Consort Music(2)  Hill/Rooley/Jones(1),Consort of Musicke(2)  DSLO 511 UK Decca press.
Price Ł5.50
  Early Music: Florilegium: DESTOUCHES Les Eléments/ REBEL Les Eléments  dir.Hogwood FLORILEGIUM
Price Ł5.50
  Early Music: Florilegium: Elizabethan Music: HOLBORNE/ BYRD/ FARNABY/ BULL/ WEELKES &c.  dir.HOGWOOD  NM
Early Music: Florilegium: HANDEL Italian Cantatas: Tu fedel? tu costante?; Mi palpita il cor; Alpestre monte; Tra le fiamme  KIRKBY/AAM dir Hogwood Dutch press 414 473-1 UNPLAYED
Early Music: Florilegium: HANDEL Theatre Music Vol.II: The Alchymist; Comus  KWELLA/ Cable/ Thomas /AAM dir. Hogwood Dutch press DSLO 598
Price Ł5.50
Early Music: Florilegium: LAWES Dialogues, Psalmes & Elegies  Consort of Musicke dir.ROOLEY  Dutch press DSLO 574
Price Ł5.50
Early Music: Florilegium: LAWES Royal Consorts; Sett for three Lyra Viols Nos.1, 7 & 8 Consort of Musicke dir.ROOLEY Dutch press DSLO 573
Price Ł5.50
  Early Music: Florilegium: PACHELBEL Canon & Gigue/ GLUCK Dance of the Furies & Dance of the Blessed Spirits (Orfeo)/ HANDEL Arrival of Sheba (Solomon); Air & Hornpipe (Water Music) / VIVALDI  AAM dir Hogwood  DSLO 594 Dutch press. (no book)

Early Music: Kings Singers: English & Italian Madrigals: BENNETT/ FARMER/ MORLEY/ WEELKES/ WILBYE/ BANCHIERI/ CAIMO/ FESTA/ GASTOLDO/ da HOSTIA/ LASSO/ da NOLA/ de WERT  EMI EMX 2129 from rare CSD 3756

Early Music: Munrow: FESTIVAL OF EARLY MUSIC: Music from 14th Century Florence/ Music of the Crusades/ Music from the reign of Maximilian I  w./BOWMAN/EMCL  ARGO UK press D40D3 (3 LP's)

Early Music: Purcell Consort of Voices dir.BURGESS: English Madrigals from the Courts of Elizabeth I and James I: ALISON/BYRD/GREAVES/KIRKBYE/MORLEY/VAUTOR/WEELKES/WILBYE &c. Turnabout Decca UK stereo

Early Music: Renaissance: DE LA RUE Missa "Dolores Gloriose Recolentes"; Requiem  Ensemble Polyphonique RTF/Ravier  French Philips Luxus gatefold 835.741 LY

Early Music: The Sixteen: Eton Choirbook:  BROWNE Stabat Mater; Stabat Iuxta/ CORNYSHE Gaude Virgo/ DAVY Stabat Mater  MERIDIAN


EGK Die Zaubergeige (h/l) Köth/ Frick cond COMPOSER 20th Century

  ELGAR Sacred Music: Ave verum; Ave Maria; Ave maris stella; 5 pieces for organ Op.14; Angelus; Give unto the Lord; O hearken thou; Te Deum and Benedictus  Worcester Cath.Choir cond.ROBINSON  EMI CSD black original FOT

EMI ITALY CATALOGUE 1953 La Voce del Padrone RARE

FALLA La Vida Breve(1)(2)/ GRANADOS Coleccion de Tonadillas(3)  de Los Angeles(sop.)(1), Spanish NO cond.Frühbeck de Burgos(2), Gonzalo Soriano(pno.)(3)  French EMI CAN 157/8(2 LP's),no outer rim
Farrar, Geraldine: Court Opera Classics CO 315 (thick pressing, original side photo cover)

Farrell, Eileen/Tucker, Richard: Great Duets from Verdi Operas  US Columbia original

  Farrell, Eileen: PUCCINI Arias w./Columbia SO cond.Rudolf  CORONET (Columbia licence) MONO

FAURÉ Penelope  Crespin/ Gayraud/ Vessieres cond.INGHELBRECT live Paris 1956 RODOLPHE 2 LP's


FIELD Pno.Concs.1 - 7 (cpte.) O'CONOR cond.Fürst FIDELIO 4 LP's

  Fischer, Annie: MOZART Pno.Concs.20;23 (w./Philh.O./Boult) Early HMV SXLP from RARE SAX
Fischer, Annie: MOZART Pno.Concs 21;22 (w./Philh.O./Sawallisch) Early HMV SXLP from RARE SAX
  Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich/ Mathis, Edith, Young, Alexander: BEETHOVEN Irish & Scottish Folk Songs w./RIAS Chamber Chorus & Engel (pno.)  DGG UK ex-library fine condition o/wise
  Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich: MAHLER Kindertotenlieder(1); Lieder eines fahrenden gesellen(2) w./BPO/Kempe(1), Philh.O./FURTWÄNGLER(2)) EMI Concert Classics fine transfers
Flagstad, Kirsten: SIBELIUS Songs w./LSO cond.Oivin Fjeldstad  DECCA LXT 5444 slight sleeve tear
Price Ł4.50

FLOTOW Martha  Rothenberger/ Fassbaender/ Gedda/ Prey cond.HEGER  EMI SAN gold 3 LP's


Francescatti, Zino: BACH Double d BWV1043(1); a BWV1041; E BWV1042  Luzern Festival Stgs. cond.BAUMGARTNER w./Régis Pasquier(1)  DGG

French Music, Festival of: Grumiaux/de Waart: BERLIOZ: Ręverie et Caprice  (from rare 6580 047/  Bucquet/Capolongo: FRANCK Sym.Vars. (ORIG.UK ISSUE)/  Lamoureux O./Markevitch: BIZET L'Arlésienne Suite 2/  Hague PO/Otterloo:GOUNOD Funeral March of a Marionette/  BERLIOZ/  FAURÉ  PHILIPS 6780 030 (2 LP's, gatefold)

Fricsay: GLUCK Orpheus et Euridice  Stader/ Streich genuine mono 2 LP's

Friedman, Leonard (vln.) dir.Scottish Baroque Ens.  arr.ELLIOTT Airs and Dances of Renaissance Scotland/ McGIBBON Sonata No 5 in G/ PURCELL Chaconne in g/ HANDEL Trio c/ HAYDN 12 Little Divertimenti  CRD 1028

Freire, Nelson/Kempe: TCHAIKOVSKY Pno.Conc.1/ GRIEG Conc. US COL stereo 


Fricsay, Ferenc: TCHAIKOVSKY Sym.5 BPO HELIODOR rare

  Furtwängler, Wilhelm: BEETHOVEN Sym.4 w./VPO  MFP  thick pressing, flipback sleeve
Furtwängler, Wilhelm: FRANCK d w./VPO  DECCA mono LXT 2905 silver letters
Price Ł6.00
  Furtwängler, Wilhelm: STRAUSS R. Don Juan; Till Eulenspigel w./VPO  EMI ALP 1208 Record + sleeve VG+ (small piece from front of sleeve missing)
  Furtwängler, Wilhelm: STRAVINSKY Sym. in three movements (VPO, 1950); Baiser de la fée (BPO,1953) Fonit Cetra FE 14 live recs.
Gabrieli Qt.: DVORÁK String Qt. in F Op.96 (American)/ BORODIN: String Qt.2 in D  CFP 40041 (original recording) yellow label

GADE Fairy Spell (Opera-Ballet)  TURNABOUT AUDIOPHILE UK Decca press

  GADE Sym.1 in c (On Sjřlund's Fair Plains)  cond.HYE-KNUDSEN  US TURNABOUT rare
  GADE Vln.Conc.(live)(1)(2); Capriccio(1)(3)  Kontra(1), cond.GARAGULY(2), Frandsen(3) EMI
Galway, James: PROKOFIEV D Op.94/ FRANCK A arr.for flute w./ARGERICH, pno. RCA LRL1 5095
Charles Gerhardt recording
  Galway, James: Songs for Annie: Annie's Song; Bachianas Brasilieras 1; Carmen Fantaisie; Liebesfreud; Tambourin &c. cond.GERHARDT  RCA
Kenneth Wilkinson recording
  GANNE Les Saltimbanques  Mesplé/ Lublin/ Benoit cond.Marty FRENCH EMI stereo 2 LP's
  Gencer, Leyla: Song recital in memoriam Dino CIANI w./Guerrini (pno.) CETRA

GERMAN Merrie England  Bronhill/ McAlpine cond.COLLINS HMV CLP 2 LP's


GERMAN Tom Jones (h/l)  Glover/ Harvey cond.Vinter EMI


GERSHWIN Blue Monday (opera); 2 Madrigals; 2 Art Songs; Choral Scene from "Let 'em eat Cake"  Gregg Smith Singers & Orch. TURNABOUT rare

  Gershwin, Frances: For George and Ira: songs by GERSHWIN sung by his sister EMI WRC stereo pp. 1973
Gieseking, Walter: Complete Pno.Music Vol.2: Pno.Sons. K.279;311;284;533;312;281;547a;283;576; Vars. K.613;573;500;398;264;455; Fantasia K394; Rondos K494;511; Dances K574; Fugue K401  Seraphim IC 6048 (4 LP's) LP's fine, box tatty
Gieseking, Walter: Complete Pno.Music Vol.3: Pno.Sons. K.332;545;330;309;400;498a; Vars. K.460;354;352; Fantasia K.396; Rondo K.485; Capriccio K.395; Dances K.315a;509   Seraphim IC 6049 (3 LP's) LP's fine, box tatty, leaflet missing
  Gieseking, Walter: MOZART Cpte.Pno.Sons.  EMI DA CAPO 5 LP's slight box damage

Gigli, Beniamino: Art of Vol 2 1947-55 including stereo EMI 3 LP's

  Gigli, Beniamino: Best of: Operatic Arias from I Pagliacci/ Rigoletto/ Tosca/ Bohčme/ Carmen &c. NEW ALP 1681 late

Gilels, Emil: GRIEG Lyric Pieces (20) DGG


GIORDANO Andre Chenier h/l (rec.1942)  Rosvaenge cond.HEGER NM BASF German


GIORDANO Andrea Chenier  Corelli/ Stella cond.SANTINI  EMI 2 LP's

GIORDANO Madame Sans-Gęne (opera in 4 acts)  Santunione/Franco Tagliavini w./ La Scala cond.GAVAZZENI, live 1967  MRF 165 (2 LP's) no book

Giulni, Carlo Maria: BEETHOVEN Sym.3 in Eb Op.55 (Eroica) w./Los Angeles PO  DGG

  Giulini, Carlo Maria: DVOŘÁK Sym.8; Scherzo Capriccioso  COLUMBIA 33CX

Giulini, Carlo Maria: TCHAIKOVSKY Sym.6 (Pathétique) WORLD RECORD CLUB stereo - fine reissue of blue/silver SAX

  GLASS Songs from Liquid Days dir.Riesman  CONTEMPORARY CBSS
  GLAZOUNOV Chopiniana (Music by CHOPIN orchestrated by Glazounov and Maurice Keller)  EMI MELODIYA
  GLAZOUNOV King of the Jews (Music to Grand Duke Konstantin Romanov's Mystery Play) cond.Köhler  TURNABOUT Dutch
  GLAZOUNOV Saxophone Conc.(1)(2)(3); Sym.6(2)(4)  Michailov(1), Moscow RSO (2) cond.Fedoseyev(3), Korneyev(4) EMI MELODIYA
  GLAZOUNOV Sym.7(1); Oriental Rhapsody(2)  Moscow RSO cond.Fedoseyev(1), Moscow SO cond. Dudarova(2) EMI MELODIYA
GLIČRE Suite: The Red Poppy Op.70/ RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Sadko Op.5/ SHOSTAKOVICH Suite: The Age of Gold Op.22  Seattle SO cond.Katims TURNABOUT TVS 34644 Dutch press
  GLIČRE Sym.2  Moscow RSO cond.COMPOSER  MELODIYA D-03812 plain sleeve

GLUCK Iphigenie in Aulis  Moffo/ Fischer-Dieskau/ Auger cond.Eichorn RCA 2 LP's


GLUCK Orfeo ed Euridice Ferrier cond.Bruck live Amsterdam 1951 EMI 2 LP's


GLUCK Orfeo ed Euridice Ferrier cond.Bruck SPARE booklet for EMI RLS 725

  GLUCK Orfeo ed Euridice Janowitz/ Moser/ Fischer-Dieskau cond.Richter DGG 2 LP's 

GLUCK Orfeo et Eurydice  Simoneau/ Danco/ Alarie cond.Rosbaud  PHILIPS orig.A00 2 LP's


GLUCK Orfeo et Eurydice  Simoneau/ Danco/ Alarie cond.Rosbaud  PHILIPS 2 LP's


Goldberg, Szymon:  MILHAUD The Four Seasons Joy/Bonneau (pnos.) cond. Composer A00575L orig.

  Goldberg, Szymon & Festival Qt.(w./Primrose): BRAHMS g Op.25  RCA RB

Goldberg, Szymon & Festival Qt.(w./Primrose): SCHUBERT Pno.Quintet (Trout) RCA LM original plum


GOLDMARK Die Königin von Saba  Takács/ Jerusalem/ Gregor/ Kincses cond.Fischer Hungaroton 4 LP's


GOMES A Noite do Castelo  Castro Tank/ Dainese/ Tenaglia cond.JUAREZ live Brasilia 1978 RARE VOCE OPERA 2 LP's

Goodman, Benny: MOZART Clt.Quintet K581(1); Clt.Conc.K622(2) w./Boston Sym.Qt.(1), Boston SO/Munch(2) RCA RB 16013 UK press. orig.

Goossens, Leon: Oboe Concs. by STRAUSS R.,CIMAROSA and SCARLATTI D. CLP original

  Gorr, Rita: Operatic aras: Lohengrin, Tristan, Samson et Dalila, Trovatore, Orfeo et Euridice &c. cond.CLUYTENS HMV ALP 1887 mono
Price Ł4.50
  Gorr, Rita: Operatic aras: Lohengrin, Tristan, Samson et Dalila, Trovatore, Orfeo et Euridice &c. cond.CLUYTENS FALP 615 mono dowel spine
Price Ł5.00
Gorr, Rita: Operatic aras: Lohengrin, Tristan, Samson et Dalila, Trovatore, Orfeo et Euridice &c. cond.CLUYTENS Angel mono 35795
  GOSSEC  Sym. in g, Op.6:5; Sinfonia in F, Op.5:1; Sym. ŕ dix-sept parties in F  SCHWANN


GOTTSCHALK Syms.1, 2; Marche solennelle; Escenas Campestres; Marcha Triunfal y Final de Opera cond.BUKETOFF &c. TURNABOUT UK stereo
  GOULD, Glenn: HAYDN Pno.Sons.56; 58; 59; 60; 61; 62  CBS 2 LP's RARE Late Gould recording
  GOULD, Glenn: SCHUMANN Pno.Qt. in E flat Op.47 (w./Juillard Qt.) + Stg.Qts.Op.41:1-3; Pno.Quintet in E flat Op 44(1) (w./Juillard Qt. &Bernstein(1)) CBS Germany 3 LP's
  Greek Sirtaki: 14 original dances  PHILIPS Greek press stereoo

GREAT VIENNESE OPERETTA PERFORMANCES 1920/30s: Tauber, Schmidt, Lehmann, Patzak, Hüsch &c. BBC NM

  GRÉTRY Flute C/ LECLAIR Flute C,Op 7:3/ LOEILLET Flute D/ QUANTZ Flute D  Monteux, Claude/ ASMF cond.Marriner  DECCA AUDIOPHILE
  GRIEG c  cond. Andersen  DECCA Digital (World Premiere Rec.)

GRÉTRY Zémire et Azore  Mesplé &c. cond.Doneux  French EMI 2 LP's

Grumiaux, Artur/ Haskil, Clara: BEETHOVEN Vln.Son.9 in A (Kreutzer)  PHILIPS 10 inch GBR
  Grumiaux, Artur: CHAUSSON Počme Op.25/ RAVEL Tzigane/ VIEUXTEMPS Vln.Conc.4 in d w./Lamoureux O. cond.Rosenthal  PHILIPS Luxus 802 708 LY red/silver  some ticks or clicks but not objectionable

Grumiaux, Arthur: PAGANINI Vln.Conc.4  Lamoureux/Gallini PHILIPS 10"



Guitar: Maria Livia Săo Marcos: The Classical Brazilian Guitar: SÁVIO/ CARVALHO/ LACERDA/ Manuel Săo MARCOS/ REUSNER/ VIVALDI  w./ ensemble  EVEREST SDBR 3248 USA stereo press.
Guitar: Walker, Timothy: Classic Folk Guitar: from England, Ireland, Spain, Cameroon, Congo, Japan, Russia, South America   Hyperion A66027

Haendel, Ida: LALO Symphonie Espagnole Op.21/ RAVEL Tzigane  CPO cond.Ančerl PARLIAMENT THICK EARLY STEREO RARE



Hammond, Joan: Italian, Czech & Russian Opera: Rusalka, Dalibor, Bartered Bride, Onegin, Turandot, Cavalleria, Chénier, Butterfly, Lescaut &c.  w./Philh.O.& Chorus/Susskind  EMI ALP 1680 no ASD
Price Ł4.50

Hammond, Joan & Craig, Charles: Love Duets from La Bohčme, Tosca, Madama Butterfly, Faust, Aida (in English) HMV ALP 1805

  Hammond, Joan: On Wings of Song:  DVOŘÁK Songs my Mother taught me/ SCHUBERT Ave Maria &c. w./Newton (pno.) HMV ALP
  HANDEL Acis and Galatea  Sutherland/Pears/Brannigan cond.BOULT  L'OISEAU LYRE 2 LP's (later press in box)

HANDEL Orlando  Sciutti/ Greevy/ Bogard cond.Simon RCA 3LP's NM

  HANDEL Roman Vespers  Blegen/ Forrester cond.Korn RCA 2 LP's
Handford, Maurice: Encores you love: Suo Gan/ GOUNOD Judex (Mors et vita)/ MacCUNN Land of the Mountain & the Flood/ BARBER Adagio for strings &c. EMI CFP 4543
Hannikainen, Tauno: SIBELIUS Sym.5 in Eb Op.82; Karelia Suite Op.11 w./Sinfonia of London  WORLD RECORD CLUB mono T42
  HARTMANN J.P.E Sym.1; Yrsa Ov.  cond.Wöldike  DMA 014

Harvey, Frederick: 20th Century English Songs w./Gerald MOORE CSD original

  Haskil, Clara: SCARLATTI D. 11 Sonatas for pno. Longo 256; 388; 457; 386; 142; 171; 475; 483; 33; 255; 278 WESTMINSTER PWN 314 (Dutch pressing)

HAYDN Armida  Norman/ Ramey cond.DORATI  PHILIPS 3 LP's NM

  HAYDN Childrens' Symphony in C Hob. II:47 / MOZART, Leopold Toy Symphony  / MOZART Ein Musikalischer Spass K522 FAERBER FSM

HAYDN Concertini(1); Organ Concs.(2) von Alpenheim (1); Lehrndorfer/Faerber(2) TURNABOUT 3 LP's

  HAYDN Il Ritorno di Tobia  Hendricks/ Langridge/ Luxon cond.DORATI  DECCA Dutch press as issued 4 LP's
HAYDN Syms.22 in Eb (Philosopher); 48 (Maria Theresa) cond.LEPPARD  PHILIPS 6527 096
HAYDN Syms.36 - 48  PH cond. DORATI 6 LP's (Dutch pressing)
Price Ł15
HAYDN Syms.49 - 56  PH cond. DORATI 4 LP's (Dutch pressing)
Price Ł11
HAYDN Syms.52 in c; 60 in C (Il Distratto) cond.BLUM  VANGUARD VSL 11042 UK press
HAYDN Syms.88 in G; 89 in F cond.DORATI  DECCA SDD 431 UK press
  HAYDN Syms.90; 92  PH cond.DORATI  DECCA
  HAYDN Syms.93; 94 ACO cond.Colin Davis PHILIPS
HAYDN Syms.94; 96 ASMF cond.MARRINER  PHILIPS (German Club pressing)
HAYDN Syms.101 in D (Clock); 102 in Bb  cond.C.DAVIS  PHILIPS

Heifetz, Jascha: BEETHOVEN D, Op.61 w./Boston SO cond.MUNCH  RCA USA orig.LM shaded dog

Heifetz, Jascha: BRAHMS D, Op.77 w./Chicago SO cond.REINER RCA USA orig.LM shaded dog

  Henriot-Schweitzer, Nicole: PROKOFIEV Pno.Conc.2/ RAVEL G  w./Boston SO/MUNCH  RCA ORIGINAL UK
HENSELT Pno.Conc. in f, Op.16/ LISZT arr.LEWENTHAL Totentanz  Lewenthal(pno.) cond.MACKERRAS CBS 61115 stereo thick press..

HINDEMITH Cardillac  Fischer-Dieskau/ Kirchstein/ Söderström cond.Keilberth DGG 2 LP's


Hislop, Joseph: Arias & Songs: Manon Lescaut, Rigoletto, La Boheme &c. pp.1915-29  RUBINI 2 LP's


HOFFMANN E.T.A Eb/ SPOHR Sym.3 in c cond.Sulyok RBM label


Hoffnung, Gerard: AT THE OXFORD UNION December 4, 1958 DECCA 10" Comedy

  HOLLYWOOD SINGS Volume 3: The Boys and Girls (10 tracks): Garland, Rooney, Hope, Crosby, Merman &c. DECCA Ace of Hearts thickest mono
  Hollywood Qt: BRAHMS Piano Quintet in f Op.34(1)/ SCHUBERT String Quintet in C D956(2)/ SMETANA: String Qt.1 in e (From my Life)/ DVOŘÁK String Qt. in F Op.96 (American) w./Aller(1), Reher(2) EMI 3 LP's

HOLST Egdon Heath; Hymn of Jesus; Perfect Fool cond.BOULT  DECCA JB UK press AUDIOPHILE

Horenstein, Jascha: MAHLER Sym.9 w./Vienna SO  TURNABOUT e/s (2 LP's, UK press.)

Hotter, Hans: SCHUBERT Winterreise; Schwanengesang w./Moore (pno.) EMI 2 LP's NM


HUMPERDINCK Hansel and Gretel (in English) Kern/ Howard/ Hunter/ Herincx w./Sadlers Wells cond.BERNARDI     EMI SXDW 2 LP's


HUMPERDINCK Hansel und Gretel  Schwarzkopf/ Grümmer cond. KARAJAN EMI SLS 2 LP's


HUMPERDINCK Königskinder  Dallapozza/ Donath/ Prey cond.Wallberg EMI 3 LP's

  Hungarian Qt.: BEETHOVEN Str.Qts.12-16; Grosse Fuge  ANGEL mono 4 LP's later rec.

IRELAND Columbine; 3 Pastels; Ballade of London Nights &c./ G.BUSH Sonatina 1/ SCOTT Pno.Son. 3/ BRITTEN Holiday Diary/ RAWSTHORNE Bagatelles/ BLISS Pno.Son./ E.GOOSSENS/ MOERAN/ A.BUSH  Eric Parkin (pno.) CHANDOS 2 LP's

Irving, Robert: GLAZOUNOV Birthday Offering (arr.Irving)/ LECOCQ: Mam'zelle Angot (h/l) (arr.JACOB)  WRC TP 563 mono
  Ives, Burl: 12 Songs of Irving BERLIN WRC Mono
  IVES, Charles 19 Songs  FISCHER-FIESKAU (bar.)/Ponti (pno.) DGG

Janigro, Antonio: BOCCHERINI Bb/ VIVALDI Vlc.Conc in D/ ERNST G (dir.Zagreb Soloists) JUGOTON mono original (RCA licence)

  Janis, Byron: LISZT Pno.Concs.1 in Eb(1); 2 in A(2)  w./Moscow PO/Kondrashin(1), Moscow RSO/Rozhdestvensky(2) FRENCH PHILIPS stereo (Mercury licence)
  Jochum, Eugen: SCHUBERT Sym.9  BRSO  HELIODOR

Jones, Aled (Boy Soprano): Ave Maria (BACH/GOUNOD); Ombra mai fu; Agnus Dei (MOZART); O Holy Night &c. SAIN


Jones, Aled (Boy Soprano): All through the Night: w./BBC Welsh SO & Chorus  BBC

KABALEVSKY Pno.Conc.3 in D Op.50/ RUBINSTEIN Pno.Conc.3 in G Op.45  Preston/ Westphalian SO/Freeman  EMBER Stereo  Good sound and performance


KABALEVSKY Vln.Conc./ WIENIAWSKI: Vln.Conc.No 2/ BLOCH: Nigun from Baal Shem  ZUKERMAN/RPO/Foster CBS


KADOSA Pno.Conc.(1)(2); Syms.6, 7(2)  Kiss(1) cond.Erdélyi(2) CONTEMPORARY RARE HUNGAROTON stereo

KALKBRENNER Grand Quintet for clt.,horn,vlc.,d-bass.& pno./ SPOHR: Quintet for flt.,clt.,horn,fag.& pno. Op.52 Boehm(pno.) & instrumentalists  TURNABOUT Decca UK TV 34506S


Källgren, Sofia: Handen pĺ Hjärtat incl.cover of "Someone Else's Story" SWEDISH POP ABBA RARE

Kamu, Okku w./Hallé O.: TCHAIKOVSKY Romeo and Julet Ov.; Gopak (Mazeppa); Capriccio Italien; Marche slave CFP 4405 ORIG ISSUE


Karajan, Herbert von:  BEETHOVEN Syms.1-9 w./Berlin PO (1963 recordings)  DGG stereo 8 LP's

Karajan, Herbert von: BEETHOVEN Sym.7 in A, Op.92 w./VPO  Contour Classics stereo from rare SB 2087

Karajan, Herbert von: BEETHOVEN Sym. 9 in d, Op.125 (Choral) w./Schwarzkopf/ Philh.O. mono only recording Fabbri Italian

Karajan, Herbert von:  BEETHOVEN Syms.8 in F,Op.93; 9 in d, Op.125 (Choral)(1)  Philh.O., w./Schwarzkopf, Höffgen, Haefliger, Edelmann(1)  ANGEL 3544 (2 LP's) mono only early UK press

Karajan, Herbert von:  MOZART Requiem in d, K626  Lipp/Rössl-Majdan/Dermota, Walter Berry DGG Resonancee

  Karajan, Herbert von: MUSSORGSKY Pictures at an Exhibition/ RAVEL Boléro  DGG UK Tulips

Karajan, Herbert von: Overtures: WEBER Der Freischütz/ WAGNER: The Flying Dutchman; Lohengrin (Act 1 Prelude)/ NICOLAI: The Merry Wives of Windsor/ MENDELSSOHN The Hebrides from RARE SAX  HMV SXLP


Karajan, Herbert von: STRAUSS, R.: Ein Heldenleben (legendary 1959 recording) DGG

Katchen, Julius: BRAHMS Vars. & Fugue on a theme of Handel Op.24; Vars. on a theme of Paganini (complete) Op 35 DECCA SDD (Dutch press.)

KAZHLAYEV Gorianka (Suite 1) cond.COMPOSER  Melodiya  CONTEMPORARY

  Keilberth, Joseph: BEETHOVEN Sym.5  original Telefunken mono DECCA UK (few ticks)
Kempe, Rudolf: BEETHOVEN Overtures: Fidelio Op.72b; Leonore 3 Op.72a; Coriolan Op.62; Creatures of Prometheus Op.43; Egmont Op 84 w./Berlin PO.  MFP 2056 mono Paul Hamlyn thick pressing
Kempe, Rudolf: BEETHOVEN Syms.1 in C Op.21; 2 in d Op.36  w./Munich Philh.O.  CFP 4406
  Kempe, Rudolf: BERLIOZ Symphonie fantastique  EMI Germany 1A 027 03013 stereo
Kempe, Rudolf: MENDELSSOHN Sym.3 in a Op.56 (Scottish) w./Dresden SO  PARLIAMENT rare mono-only (Supraphon licence)
Price Ł5
  Kempff, Wilhelm: BEETHOVEN:Pno.Sons.Opp.106 - 111 2 LP's
Kempff, Wilhelm: Für Elise: BEETHOVEN Für Elise; Rondo a capriccio/ MOZART Fantasia in d/ SCHUBERT Moments musicaux 1, 3 & 5/ BRAHMS Intermezzi Op.117/ SCHUMANN Papillons  DGG Heliodor stereo (sleeve sl.creased)

Kempff, Wilhelm: MOZART Pno.Conc.15 RARE DECCA 10 inch BR


Kempff, Wilhelm: MOZART Pno.Concs. 23; 24 DGG German tulips SLPM

  Kempff, Wilhelm: MOZART Piano Sons. in A K331, a K310; Fantasias in d K397, c K475 DGG

Kempff,Wilhelm: SCHUBERT Impromptus DGG stereo German tulips NM  

  Kennedy, Calum: The christening of wee Donald; Bonne Isle of Skye; The heart of Scotland; The skyline of Skye  BELTONA EP 45rpm
  Kennedy, Calum: Pheigi, a 'Ghraidh; Faili, Faili, Faili Oro  BELTONA EP 45rpm RARE

KHACHATURIAN Masquerade Suite BLAREAU RARE DECCA 10" LW 5088 Gold letters

  Klemperer, Otto: BACH Brandenburg Concs.1;2;6  COLUMBIA 33CX DARK BLUE
  Klemperer, Otto: BRAHMS Ein Deutsches Requiem(1)(3); Alto Rhapsody / WAGNER Wesendonck Lieder(2)(3)  Schwarzkopf, Fischer-Dieskau(1), Ludwig(2), Philh.O.& Ch. cond.KLEMPERER(3)  FRENCH EMI 2 LP's
  Klemperer, Otto: BRAHMS Ein Deutsches Requiem(1)(3); Alto Rhapsody(2)(3); Tragic Ov.(3)  Schwarzkopf, Fischer-Dieskau(1), Ludwig(2), Philh.O.& Ch. cond.KLEMPERER(3)  GERMAN EMI 2 LP's

Klemperer, Otto: MAHLER Sym.4  SCHWARZKOPF ASD2799 Australian early fine sound

Klemperer, Otto: MENDELSSOHN Sym.4 in A Op.90 (Italian)/ SCHUMANN Sym.4 in d Op.120 w./Philh.O.  SXLP 30178
  Klemperer, Otto: SCHUMANN Sym.2; Genoveva Ov. w./NPO  Spanish EMI stereo
  Kletzki, Paul: SCHUMANN Syms.1 in Bb "Spring"; 4 in d  w./Israel PO  COLUMBIA 33CX 1419 blue mono only
Kletzki, Paul: SIBELIUS Sym.2 in D, Op.43 COLUMBIA 33CX 1332 blue
Klien, Walter: SCHUBERT Pno.Sonatas (complete): TV 37096-8S; TV 37109-11S; TV 37121-3S (Decca UK pressed, 9 LPs and leaflets)
  KODÁLY Hymn of Zrinyi; Psalm 114; Laudes organi Luxon/ Weir/ Brighton Festival Chorus cond. HELTAY  DECCA SXL

Kodousek, Josef: BRAHMS Vla.Sons.1 ; 2 SUPRAPHON stereo 


Kogan, Leonid: Live Vol. 14 Concertos Melodiya gatefold 2 LP's


KOHOUTEK Festivals of Light, for bass, organ & orch./ KUBÍK Tribute to Miaskovsky SUPRAPHON

Kónya, Sándor: Operatic Arias by WAGNER/VERDI/DONIZETTI/MEYERBEER/FLOTOW/PONCHIELLI w./Berlin PO/Kraus or Bamberg SO/Kulka  DGG LPEM 19124 German Press (dated sleeve=6/60) FOT  
KORNGOLD F# Op.40  cond.KEMPE  RCA GL 42919 UK press.  
  Kostalanetz: Romantic Arias for orchestra 6-eye US Columbia 
  Kostelanetz: SAINT-SAËNS Carnival of the Animals (incl.Ogden Nash verses) w./ Noël COWARD (narr.)  PHILIPS orig.10" mono (couple light scratches)
  Koussevitzky, Serge: PROKOFIEV Sym.5 in Bb; Romeo and Juliet Suite No.2 w./Boston SO  RCA Victrola mono rare early side dog

Kreisler, Fritz: BEETHOVEN Vln.Sons.5 in F (Spring); 9 in A (Kreutzer) w./Rupp (pno.) EMI HQM

Krips, Henry: Wiener Schnitzel: ZIEHRER Wiener Bürger/ GUNGL Amorettentänze/ IVANOVICI Donauwellen/ ZIEHRER Weaner Madln/ LANNER Die Schönbrunner/ LEHÁR Gold und Silber  w./Philh.O.  EMI CFP 40213 ex rare SCX 3279 Viennese Dances Vol 2
Kubelik, Rafael: DVOŘÁK Sym.7 in d  DECCA LXT 5290  Original pancake, no SXL
Price Ł4.50
Kubelik, Rafael: SCHUMANN Syms.1 in Bb Op.38 (Spring); 4 in d Op.120  DGG 25351 116 UK press.  

KUPALA, Yanka Poetry set to folk music MELODIYA BIRTHDAY ISSUE

Lambert, Constant: LAMBERT The Rio Grande; Horoscope (excerpts)/ WALTON Façade Suite  COLUMBIA 33SX 1003 Green & Gold

de Larrocha, Alicia: GRANADOS 12 Danzas Espańolas Op 37  HISPAVOX mono rare

LECLAIR 11 Vln.Concs. Op.7 & 10(1),(3); Flt.Conc. Op.7:3(2),(3) Jarry(1),Lardé(2),Paillard CO dir.PAILLARD(3)  ERATO 3 LPs stereo  

LEES Vln.Conc.(1)/ STARER Conc.for vla., strings and pcn.(2)  Ricci/American SO cond.AKIYAMA(1), Berger/ECO cond.SNASHALL(2) CONTEMPORARY US TURNABOUT


LEHÁR Friederike  Donath / Dallapozza cond.WALLBERG EMI 2 LP's rare


LEHÁR Der Graf von Luxemburg (h/l as recorded); Der Zarewitsch (h/l as recorded)  Gueden/ Kmennt cond.Schönherr DECCA LXT

LEHÁR Die Lustigwe Witwe  Schwarzkopf/ Gedda/ Loose &c. cond. Ackermann EMI 1C 149-03 116/7 (2 LP's) original 1950's mono rec.

LEHÁR Die Lustigwe Witwe  Schwarzkopf/ Gedda/ Loose &c. cond. Ackermann Jap Angel (2 LP's) NM original 1950's mono rec.


LEHÁR Die Lustigwe Witwe  Schwarzkopf/ Gedda/ Loose &c. cond. Ackermann EMI SXDW (2 LP's) original 1950's rec. (e/s)


LEHÁR Die Lustigwe Witwe  Stratas/ Harwood/ Kollo cond.Karajan RARE DGG 2 LP's

Lehmann, Fritz: BRAHMS Ein Deutsches Requiem Op.45 w./Stader/Wiener/St Hedwig's Ch./Berlin PO  DECCA Canadian DX 136 (2 LP's) DGG Licence
Lehrer, Tom: An evening wasted with (Comedy): incl. Poisoning Pigeons in the Park, The Masochism Tango &c.  (recorded live)  DECCA SKL 4097 Dutch

Lehrer, Tom: Revisited (Comedy): incl. The Irish Ballad; I hold your hand in mine &c. (recorded live)  DECCA LK 4375 mono only late Dutch


Lemnitz, Tiana: Arias and Songs EMI World Record Club 3 LP's


LEONCAVALLO La Bohčme  Popp/ Bonisolli cond.WALLBERG rare Orfeo 3 LP's


LEONCAVALLO I Pagliacci (rec.1934)(1) / MASCAGNI Cavalleria Rusticana (rec.1940)(2)  Gigli/ Rasa/ Pacetti/ La Scala Milan cond.Ghione(1)/ COMPOSER(2)


LEONI L'Oracolo (opera); Reminiscences of "The Prayer of the Sword"  Sutherland/ Gobbi cond.Bonynge LONDON UK 2 LP's rare


Licari, Danielle: famous wordless French singer - classical pieces

  LINCKE Frau Luna (operetta) ETERNA/AMIGA
  LINCKE Frau Luna (operetta) Hallstein/Brokmeier/Tiboldi cond.Schmidt-Boelcke  RCA stereo VL 30316

LISZT Orchestral Works Vol 1 LEIPZIG/MASUR EMI 4 LP's


LOPEZ La Toison d'Or  Dassary &c. cond.BONNEAU  PATHÉ rare

Lorengar, Pilar: Arias from La Bohčme/ Rondine/ Madam Butterfly/ Louise &c. cond. Patané  DECCA SXL 6267 Dutch

LULLY Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme  Jacobs/ Yakar/ Petite Bande cond.LEONHARDT HARMONIA MUNDI 2 LP's

Lupu, Radu: BEETHOVEN Pno.Conc.5 in Eb Op.73 (Emperor) w./Israel PO/Mehta  DECCA digital SXDL 7503 Dutch

LUTOSLAWSKI Sym.3 (2); Espaces du sommeil (1)(2)  Shirley-Quirk(1), LAPO cond.SALONEN(2)  CBS


Lynn, Vera: Thank you for the Music: late 1980s recordings including ABBA: Thank you for the Music; I wonder (Departure) CASTLE CD  

  McCormack, John: Collection: VERDI/ DONIZETTI/ SCHUBERT/ RACHMANINOV &c.  RCA, First LP issue, few ticks in one track
McCracken, James/Warfield, Sandra: Duets of Love and Passion  ROHCG cond.DOWNES  SXL 6144 OR/WBG rare
Price Ł6.00
  McCracken, James: On Stage: Fanciulla del West/ Meistersinger/ I Pagliacci/ Tannhäuser/ Trovatore &c. cond. BERNET  LXT mono  forward sound

MADETOJA Pohjalaisia rare Finnish opera  Finnish NOO & Chorus cond.Panula FINNLEVY 3 LP's

  MADETOJA Sym.3; Comedy Ov. cond.PANULA  FINLANDIA stereo FA 103 stereo (in sleeve for SFX 20)

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